Surveillance – Profitable playtime for peeping toms

It is common sense that people gravitate to jobs that correspond with their interests and personality. Artists to advertising. Nurturant types to nursery care. Misogynists and paedophiles to the priesthood?

So what kind of personality would be attracted to surveillance, especially intimate surveillance that takes place in people’s homes? Voyeurs? Sexual perverts? Peeping toms? How about criminal opportunists who see an opportunity to obtain intimate footage of interest to similar perverts to sell on the porn market, not only at no cost to themselves but also no risk?

Who polices surveillance. Precisely, who polices those who carry out surveillance. Where is the guarantee that when surveillance invades the privacy of a person’s home, that footage is safeguarded from being sold  on a porn market?

Do the police, police themselves? Experience demonstrates repeatedly that this does not work. Uncovering corruption in the ranks, from Serpico onwards, has been a task the police in general maintain a great apathy towards. The occasional token efforts have been an example to all of us of how effective the tactics of closing ranks, practising omertà, deciding on your lie and sticking to it and  intimidating whistleblowers, can be in totally obstructing outsiders successfully penetrating your crimes and con games.

You have heard of recycling. In the context of the police it means redistributing, for profit, contraband confiscated from criminals, most often drugs, but also pornographic material. When the gang stalking started for me when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970s, the English policeman, who took an unwarranted interest in my life, alongwith inappropriate questions about my sex life, also recycled to me a large pile of porn magazines, which had been confiscated from students. I did not know or suspect I was subject to surveillance then, but evidently my sex life wasn’t interesting enough.

It is bad enough women having to contend with the individual perverts at loose in society without having to deal with state sponsored peeping toms making a profit out of your private life, while trashing your reputation.





Are police gang stalkers sexual traffickers?

1.       At Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970s, when the gang stalking started, simultaneous with an English policeman taking an unjustified interest, strange men started hanging about my out of the way cottage at the outskirts of Portrush. The single lady next door sold up and went back to England. The elderly man on the other side who had lived there all his life without any problem got a guard dog.

2.        When I worked as a volunteer for a phone-in charity, while on overnight duty, I was “jumped” by a fellow volunteer. It was only luck that I did not become pregnant.

3.        Inexplicable hostility from Muslim students when I lived in International House Birmingham in the 1980s. My boyfriend at that time told me, in an agitated state – stay away from Muslim men, they kidnap women.

4.     On a course for Teaching English as a Second Language, the Muslim men were inexplicably hostile. A course tutor, on friendly terms with the men passed a comment about “whores deserved all they got”.

5.     When I lived in Bradford, the normal tenants beneath moved out and were replaced by men who raped a local girl.

6.       At the same address, which was at the end of a hard to notice cul-de-sac, I was followed by a man to my door. I only found out he was immediately behind me when one of the other tenants answered my doorbell, then he ran away.

7.        At another address in Bradford when I was in the house on my own two men tried to break in. As they were trying to break in the back I shot out the front door and went to a neighbours house and asked them to call the police. The police came immediately, sirens and all, and the men ran off.

Later they came back, late in the evening and I heard them discussing breaking in. One persuaded the other not to.

8.   At my first address in a London which I shared with my husband, normal tenants moved out and prostitutes moved in. This of course acts as a magnet for all the perverts in the area. Who might suppose all the women in the house are prostitutes.

9.      At a later address in London where I lived with my husband, again the normal tenants moved out and prostitutes moved in.

10.    When my husband and I moved to Harrogate we had a normal life until he died of cancer last year. Then I moved to my present address. Women dressed very obviously as prostitutes started to hang around in the next street. They looked really out of place. This is a quiet, affluent rural town, mainly professional and elderly. As I in no way, dress or behave like a prostitute, this was short-lived. Instead when I go out now I am surrounded by people who look like gypsies.


Of course, all the above could all be coincidental. But put this against my background. I was raised in the countryside, so, as is standard for rural folk, I have always dressed practically, not like a tart, which is the urban norm. In addition the dress code for Northern Irish females, is androgynous, indistinguishable from males, the result of guaranteed male persecution of any female who is identifiable as female. Also, I am not pretty.

Then again I am a quiet, non-social very private person. I mainly like reading books. I am totally risk-averse.  After my first completely unpleasant experience of dating, aged 16, I decided I could do without the horrible experience and for personal safety reasons I have always avoided public areas where men hang out with the main purpose of latching on to women.

None of the places where I chose to live were in risky areas. They tended to be in rather secluded areas which were difficult to find unless you were specifically looking for them.

Also my mother gave me rather good advice when I was young. She said, it is not enough for a woman to avoid doing anything wrong. She must also never act so that anyone putting an unfavourable interpretation on her act, could make out she was doing something wrong. I have always lived by this principle – avoiding ambiguous situations and avoiding ambiguous behaviour and appearance. To the extent that when I worked in an all-male office, one of the more opportunist males complained to everyone who would listen, that I never smiled. I had figured out young that men could reinterpret a woman’s simple courtesy and friendliness as sexual interest, and some would use that to further their sexual opportunism. It was nice that some of the other men knowing this man for an opportunist, spoke up to support my position.

So, yes, all the above could be coincidental. That men walked out of their way to hang around my remote cottage. That Muslim men I had never spoken to had somehow arrived at the notion that I was a prostitute. That living in a hard to find cul-de-sac, normal neighbours move out and rapists move in, and I am followed. And strange men also attempt to break in at another address. And normal tenants move out of two houses my husband and I lived in in London and prostitutes moved in. That women dressed like prostitutes hang around in the next street where I live in Harrogate.

Except, the slander that a woman is a prostitute, and seventy percent of gang stalking targets are women, is  standard gang stalking procedure. It is also standard procedure for pimps and sex traffickers to spread lies about women they plan to trap into prostitution, and arrange for them to be raped.

As my gang stalking appears to have started with unwarranted police interest, what is the connection between the police, gang stalking, pimps and sexual trafficking?




The classist aspect of gang stalking

And sexist, racist and homophobic. The gang stalking targets are seventy percent women, also a high percentage of gays and ethnic groups. People who are socially marginalised and do not have the protection afforded by high social rank. Take a look at society. Above a certain social class level you have people who are “in the loop”, who have many top professional associates of many kinds, and who freely, and often, exclusively socialise with each other, and are largely free from state scrutiny and meddling. People of working class and lower middle class groups, are not “in the loop” and are largely excluded from associating with the higher social classes, except on a servant basis, to which they are confined. But talent rises, does it not? Well, that depends. If society puts obstacles in your path, such as social exclusion, your good character, intelligence, education and hard work will get you precisely nowhere, unless the role you are offered is one of complete exploitation. Nonetheless, good families, good communities, and venues for social interaction available to working class people, can provide a foundation of social support, in which people know each other and can help and protect each other. But women have always had problems in accessing safe venues for socialising. Social support is a foundation for success in employment and relationships. So society is basically divided. The privileged have the extra bonus that they ring-fence their group and freely socialise and interact within it, free from state supervision and meddling. Whereas those lower in social class are kept on the outside, are frustrated from protective ring-fencing, and either find that safe venues for social interaction are virtually absent – which is the case for a large section of working class women, or find what scarce social venues they have are subjected to scrutiny, interference and destructive meddling. The more vulnerable people are as individuals, the more valuable a protective social group is. Disrupting a social group denies vulnerable people group protection. The upper social classes have always gone out of their way to block social associations forming in the lower classes. They perceived the threat of vulnerable people forming collectives to protect their own interests. Divide and rule. Keep the subordinates separated and isolated. Subject them to unwarranted police interference. Play them off against each other. Poison their social groups and relationships. Stamp on them, individually and collectively, before they have the chance to get anywhere. Pick off the leaders/potential leaders.  Stop potential competition in its infancy. Unilateral class war instigated by our “betters”. With this perspective gang stalking makes sense. Lower middle class people in general recruited to harass working class people. Successful working and lower middle class people targeted for asset stripping to ensure that no-one in the lower classes retains the financial resources which could lift them out of the oppressed classes or provide support to others of their own class, whether providing work or accommodation.  Financial success in the lower classes helps lift their own class out of oppression – by providing work to people discriminated against in the middle-class system. By providing decent, affordable accommodation to people on low incomes. By forming a nucleus of a self-sufficient and self-supporting social group who have an alternative to the exploitive options offered by the middle classes. Small businesses and small landlords offering an alternative to the cut-throat terms offered by the higher social classes. I am not talking ideals here. I witnessed two landlords, one of a working class ethnic group, the other lower middle class, who by shear hard work bought houses to let out to others – working class people on low incomes – in both cases for rents lower than average for their area, and in one case the rooms beautifully re-decorated between tenants. They both lost their houses which were converted into flats and the rents maximised. Other self-made working class employers, providing work to working class people, lost their businesses. Gang stalking is an old game in new clothes.     .

Gang stalkers use lies to play people against each other

It could be summed up, one set of lies to one set of people; a different set of lies to a second set of people and a third set of lies to a third set of people. Of course controlling communications is essential, but lies can create the separation. Anyone told Person A is a paedophile would want to have nothing to do with that person, never mind speak to them or believe anything they said. When the gang stalking started for me when I was a student at Ulster University in 1970s, there was another student that I now realise had some idea about what was going on. Someone told me he was a thief, so I stopped talking to him. As I scarcely saw him again he could have been avoiding me. What lie had he been told about me? In a serious relationship where I thought I had found my marriage partner the relationship unexpectedly stalled. This was over the time there were riots in Handsworth, Birmingham in the eighties. My boyfriend who  managed a restaurant in the opposite side of town had his own personal riot outside his restaurant. He called the police who did not arrive until the rioters had gone away. Then the police trawled over all his staff records to see if he was employing any illegal immigrants. This was followed by him being swindled out of his savings of £40k. Then he employed a man who looked gay. This was at the height of the AIDS hysteria. I started to wonder if my prospective husband had something he should be telling me. In retrospect, I wonder what lies he had been told about me. So it’s one set of lies to one set of people and a different set of lies to a second set of people, and keep everybody separate so they don’t compare notes. Gang stalkers lie. And they never tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. When they follow up the contacts of the Target Bait, they might say something along the lines to their target recruits – that we are “investigating” her. They won’t tell the whole story that they are investigating the Target not for anything the Target had done, but they are using the Bait to recruit you. When they say you will be assisting in dealing with a crime, they don’t explain that the crime you are assisting with is being committed against you by them. They tell lies about everybody and never tell the truth about themselves. With all their chatter here, there and everywhere, the gang stalkers will never tell you what they have done. Events will be twisted out of context by careful editing. You will see what they want you to see, but what you need to know will be concealed. You never get the whole story.

The gang stalkers long game

And this is a real mystery of gang stalking. Gang stalkers play a very long game. One swindle took 20 years to execute, from start to finish. Another, 17 years. This is one reason it is difficult to perceive what is going on. Changes occur gradually over time and seem unconnected events -except when you realise they all arrive at the same conclusion – the Target is stripped of all they possess, then you can look back and see how all the previous events led to the result.

This is strange even by criminal standards. Part of the wisdom of age is how your perceptions change as you grow older and see connections between events that it is very difficult for a young person to see as they do not have the experience. But a confidence scam executed over a time period of twenty years, is near enough a lifetime. The older you are the better you become at long-term planning, but criminals are usually characterised by short-termism. What kind of criminal has the patience and foresight to patiently plan, tiny tweaks to a situation over decades before finally seizing all their victims assets? I repeat, someone who plans and waits decades. It makes no sense, other than it is very effective.

I have no theory to account for this. If someone had discovered the gift of immortality and lived for hundreds of years, that might account for criminals who can manipulate and wait a lifetime to collect their prize. There is an essential piece of knowledge missing here. And I cannot find it. I would be very interested if anyone knows of precedents of 20 year planning in the fields of history, politics and crime (but not SF thank you).



Creating a Climate of Fear

1.     Gang stalkers recruit using fear. When they follow up the Target Bait to speak to anyone the Target Bait has interacted with, they tell their target for recruitment the lie that that person is a dangerous criminal. The sub-script in addition becomes – and you have associated with them. First the fear, then the implication of involvement, then the solution – you and I both are on the side of law and we can work to solve this.  The Controller first creates the problem, then presents the solution.  But the implication that the innocent gang stalking recruit was involved with a serious criminal is utilised later, when the Controller deliberately sets the recruit up with even more criminal associations. Such as in the case of a landlord, providing him with criminal tenants.

2.     It is not only the Target Bait whose environment is manipulated to make it appear that s/he is a criminal. When the Controllers insert very obvious criminal types (putting prostitutes into the house will ensure everyone in the community will be aware that that is a “bad” house), and the stigma and discrediting extends to the owner who cannot of course clear the matter with the neighbours by telling them -it is all right. I am not a criminal hosting criminal tenants – I am working with national security to help apprehend criminals.

3.      In the case of an employer of the Target Bait, the employer may also be induced to commit crimes, ostensibly to trap the Target. The consequence is the employer is trapped as he has now committed a crime. It can now be pointed out how laughable his defence would be in court were he to claim he only committed the crime to “help national security”. If the employer has resources the opportunity for blackmail is now opened up – we will see you don’t go to court if you …

4.      The noise campaigns in the neighbourhood keeps everyone reminded that there is a “dangerous criminal” in their midst.

5.       The neighbours of the house which the gang stalkers have infiltrated have been made well aware of the rumours of the “dangerous criminal” and are now suffering noise nuisance, confirmation that the rumours are true because of all the undesirable types hanging around and have become fearful both for their own and their family’s safety, but also the value of their property.  When I was first gang stalked in Northern Ireland, an immediate neighbour sold up and moved. This also happened in London. And in the street I now live in Harrogate – a good area – several of the neighbours have sold and moved. These are prime properties in a sought after area. I hope all these sellers got a good price for their properties.


Me.  Scary post woman.




How gang stalkers trash relationships

1.     Destroying a potential good relationship before it happens. Spread the slander to the man that the woman is a prostitute.

2.      Lead the woman to believe the man is gay. This can be staged using a gay recruit. If the man is a businessman for example, arrange for him to employ a gay looking man who just happens to always be in his vicinity. This was a particularly effective technique in the 1980s when AIDS hit the headlines.

3.       If the couple were planning to marry, and the man had savings, swindle him out of his savings.

4.        Preventing a working class woman from getting a good job by spreading lies to her potential employer by keeping her poor, sabotages potential relationships.

5.        To provide public evidence that the woman is immoral arrange for her to get pregnant. This is an especially effective technique in religious/moralistic communities where the effects can be dramatic along with catastrophic. The stigma to the woman’s family might cause them to reject her. On the basis of the lies told about the woman, then take the baby from her. This again provides social “evidence” that the slanders about the woman were true and traumatises the woman. This technique was more effective up to the 1970s when society was more judgemental.

6.       Set the woman up to be raped. This is a standard pre-prostitute recruitment formula. In strict communities, such as Ireland used to be, the slander that a woman is immoral makes her a magnet for every sexual pervert in her vicinity. The men know if they rape her they have little chance of being convicted .  Spreading the lie in any community that the woman is a prostitute will make her a magnet for perverts. This also provides visual “evidence” to others that the slander is true. It also causes people to avoid the woman for their own protection while socially isolating the Target. Decent people of  both sexes will avoid her. In  a multi-cultural setting, where Western women meet Muslim men, spread the lie to the Muslim men that the woman is a prostitute. Not only might this get her raped, it might get her kidnapped.

7.       Break an existing relationship by spreading slander to either party about the other. Sabotaging a committed sexual relationship is like putting a bomb in the relationship. It is likely to cause intense sexual footage. As Targets are subject to surveillance this induces the victims to produce prime sexual footage which unknown to them is then sold on a porn market.

8.        Try to lure one or both partners away using “honey-pot” tactic.

9.         Specifically target lesbian couples for disruption. It is harder to sexually exploit women if they live together for protection.

10.       Stress the relationship by creating stress at work/in the home. For instance a noise campaign might deter the man from coming home so that he goes straight from work to the pub and stays there. Sexual harassment at work for the woman might make her edgy and tense with her husband.


An extension of the above is that gang stalkers have in common with espionage recruiters a preference for recruiting physically attractive men and women, of as high social status as possible, alongwith gay appearing men, for the purposes of sexual seduction and framing perceptions. When you sign up to be a gang stalker bear in mind prostitution is in your job description.