Gang stalking explained – the complete crime package

Crime is related to opportunity, and there is no greater opportunity to get away with every type of crime than from a position where you are “above the law”.

The security services, even more so than the police, offer the perfect opportunity for the worst kind and the most sophisticated of criminals to pursue their criminal objectives operating virtually under a guarantee that whatever crime they commit, they will suffer no consequences. It is a perfect environment for crime. Not only they will not be pursued whatever they do, they have guaranteed secrecy for carrying out their crimes and have the protection of law against any who try to expose their criminality. Their position gives them access to the top brains in society in every field, and their supposed job in law-enforcement means they get direct schooling from the most depraved, most sophisticated and most successful criminals in how to carry out every type of crime with the best chance of success.

Gang stalking sites field many discussions about how long gang stalking has been carried on. There is broad concensus that a combination of security services/police/military are involved, and the origins lie with COINTELPRO 1956. But it is known that the security services and police targeted non-criminal civilian groups to keep a variety of socially oppressed groups “in their place” and to maintain the status quo of the more privileged, wealthy and powerful in society from the turn of the 19th-20th century. The social sabotage and harassment and intimidation techniques were also freely adopted from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and the KKK. And more recently the gang stalking programme resembles Scientology’s “Fair Game”, using cult recruitment methods,  vigilante stalking tactics, and “brain washing” of recruits using hypnosis, group think  and “coercive persuasion”.

Criminals have long known there are sections of society whom they can attack with virtual impunity.  And these relatively poor, lower class, marginalised people, the majority women,  are the main gang stalking targets, leavened with the socio-political prime targets of whistleblowers, activists and “upright men” who despite their lowly origins made a success of their lives. It seems the families of security/military employees are also targeted.

The first group are easy targets for smear campaigns, as social prejudice guarantees that any lie told about them will be believed. The latter group are evidently seen as a threat. The first group are targeted in order to use them as safe bait for recruitment of the real targets – mainly middle class people who control resources such as access to confidential records, such as bank accounts, landlords, and owners of businesses and medical personnel. This information points the gang stalkers to the lucrative targets for their swindles. As people mainly access medical personnel when they have a serious problem, mis-treatment at a critical moment can bring about a person’s death. Consider this hypothetical case. A self-made millionaire legitimate business man, who has literally raised himself out of the gutter by a lifetime’s work,  his wife is rushed to hospital with a sudden medical crisis, requiring a delicate operation. The operation fails to save her and she dies. Could anyone possibly prove that the surgeon deliberately caused the operation to fail? The gang stalkers make sure that the widower, an unsocial man, obtains another wife of their choosing. A few years later he dies, which might be a normal event as he is elderly. The man’s family, his children, then discover that his millions have disappeared. All of it. A situation that is unlikely to have occurred if his first wife had not died. This might be a coincidence but for the fact that gang stalkers were known to be meddling with this man’s life and the lives of his staff and associates in the preceding years.  Consider the difficulties involved in proving that any crime had been committed. White collar crime is very financially rewarding, very sophisticated, difficult to unravel, and very difficult to prove. But gang stalkers, with people in every walk in life in their pocket, are in a prime position to carry out sophisticated cons with virtually no risk of detection.





  1. prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs.

  2. GroupStalking ChennaiCity · May 17, 2014

    Good article , i have noticed that the gang stalkers mainly target the lower socioeconomic class as their education and intellectual levels are usually low. Yes , in the self made millionaire example it is known as ” intimate infiltration” and Baiting. Unfortunately only TIs know and understand what you are saying, rest of society thinks they are not affected. After realizing how Organized Stalking works , i have seen the lives of hundreds of people around me being manipulated by hidden stalking groups. Ultimately society will suffer for ignoring us the suffering of us Targeted Individuals.

    • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 17, 2014

      Er, thanks for insulting my socio-economic background, intelligence and education, however I have a sense of humour. I would concur that it is mainly the lowest socio-economic groups who are selected for target bait to recruit higher social class stalkers. But not low-intelligence nor poorly educated. The controllers exploit classism in recruiting their middle class targets. Divide and rule. Getting people to overcome cognitive dissonance when a higher rank person tells them that a lower rank person is a criminal – to see the truth, that the upper class person is lying, is an uphill task. One innocent Target Bait is used, without their consent to recruit hundreds of people into the gang stalking cult, where they will be enslaved, exploited, abused, and over time stripped of their assets. The model used is very close to the Scientologists methods – and money making objectives.

    • SC · December 22, 2014

      Harassment activity markedly increased once the US government identified these stalking gangs as drug-cartel lackeys, most new members belong to one or more anarchist type citizen police who have been on US terror watchlists for decades. Family of government agency drug interdiction taskforces, military (largest international drug-interdiction and enforcement operator) and veterans who cannot be ‘turned’ (are upstanding citizens). Women who are educated and charismatic are especially closely followed and eventually targeted. Many of the posts here are quite accurate in the surmised reasons, except that NATO governments with high numbers of TIs are unfairly portrayed by GS false PR campaigns as being the source of this illegal activity, when the opposite is the case.

      • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · December 22, 2014

        Yes, obviously I am left guessing about the instigators of gang stalking – I can only reason backwards from the results to the likely causes. Organised crime successfully corrupting our judicial institutions with possible political complicity is my best guess, especially as the authorities outright deny GS exists . If they admitted there was a problem that would not imply complicity.

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  4. Loren · September 11, 2015

    Yes. I’m a TI since May 2013 working class black women with high belief in God. What really hurt are those who think they are not racist against blacks until lies are said behind my back but still cannot get a hold of holding me in this net…or trap for a lifetime. Is there life insurance….gang stalkers suck the life out of those around can this hate ever be exposed??? I hoped Edward Snowden would have made change. Its slavery human trafficking on a massive scale

    • conartistocracy · September 15, 2015

      Sorry for delay in replying. Having severe computer problems at the moment. You’re spot on. Gang stalkers play to all the old prejudices. Perhaps you have a blog where you tell of your experiences? I would be interested.

      • lorenw2015 · September 17, 2015

        Yes just got blog it US lorenw2015.WordPress
        Will put my sister’s and I gs is taking over the world and stealing the wealth keeps the elite in control. It’s like a southern global plantation and the racism I must endure is like Birth of a Nation and I’m Billie Holiday…..a living he’ll!!!!!
        Would you believe 2015 women are drugged..(remote) Layed up for groups of men sick sex acts…video and put on Tor Web…profits!!! The bait. Rape our monkey ape women…Do what you Want…defilment….now the rapist is taped then blackmailed…snared into vs cult. This is run by Mexican mafia drug cartels in border states ( CA…AZ…NM..FL)

      • conartistocracy · September 18, 2015

        Thank you. Will look up your blog. 🙂

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  6. Deb · March 5, 2016

    Thank you for putting together this blog and sharing your story. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this hell. It’s all so bizarre and surreal, I keep going into denial, thinking it simply isn’t possible. None of it makes any sense. Without proof, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere a person can turn for help; most people would never believe it. I tried telling my sister, who informed me that I “need help”. My husband doesn’t belive me either. I’ve spent over $2,000 sweeping my home and nothing was found. With no countermeasures against this technology, all I can do is ignore it. Lately, the perps have been saying that I “must enjoy it.” Let them give me one iota of proof, and the filthy pigs will see how much I’ve enjoyed this neverending hell. Denial and ignoring it, focusing on other things, are the only ways I survive it. Thanks again.

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