Gang stalker Housing Scams

Gang stalkers have an objective of getting control of housing. Their first move is when the (unconsenting and often unwitting) Target Bait moves into premises, those premises become a target for the gang stalkers acquisition.

Move one, is “the foot in the door”. Once the Target Bait has moved into the premises, the gang stalkers approach the owner and tell lies about the Target. The owner is then duped into cooperating with the gang stalkers whose next move is to place criminal tenants into the accommodation. These are a special category of criminal. Your real criminal, a burglar , thief, shop lifter, is likely to be quite discreet, blending in, not drawing attention to himself. These criminals are as high profile and as visible as possible. Often migrants are used as they are more visible. These tenants go out of their way to ensure everyone in their vicinity know about them (the opposite of normal criminal behaviour).

In one place I lived in, after the perfectly normal tenants down stairs had moved out, Turkish migrants moved in. They raped a local girl of limited intelligence. Her brother came to the flat and when they wouldn’t answer the door he stood outside and screamed at them “Why did you do it?”. They also kept a dog which they just abandoned leaving it to run round the area. When they moved out a partner who beat his girlfriend moved in, who would yell at me from below, when I moved around my flat (I am not noisy).

When I moved to join my husband in London, at first the other tenants were normal. We neither saw them nor heard them. Then there was a change of tenant on the ground floor. Late at night he would go to the front of the house and sharpen a large knife on the stone gate post. He left for a short period of time and lent his room to friends, who were prostitutes.

Drugs were posted to the house and the police investigated. . After the landlord turfed them out, a new tenant moved into a room at the top of the house. He was a major noise pest. He played loud music for hours at a time at top volume until he had driven his adjacent neighbour out. The house next door must have been affected too. He also had a noise sensitive girlfriend who complained that my husband slammed the front door when he went out. (not true). When the normal tenant upstairs had been driven out by the noise harassment a psychiatric nurse moved into his room, and he brought his work home with him. You could hear the poor critter moaning and whining non-stop upstairs. When the nurse got tired of him, he would just push him out into the hall to moan all night . When he wasn’t bringing his work home he was stamping around his room all night, running taps and banging cupboard doors.

Our landlord had to cut down a mature tree in his back garden because of complaints from a neighbouring house. The house was not near the tree, and there were lots of other trees in adjacent gardens which were not felled.

When an IRA man moved into the house, what was left of the normal tenants left. The landlord immediately converted the bed-sits to flats, at a huge increase in rent. Later his wife ran off with someone else – and took the house. The noise pest, who didn’t work and had no visible means of support then bought a flat for £75k.

In order to move quickly we took the first place we could find, while we looked for a permanent place. There were only two flats and we were downstairs, but the people above played their music for hours on end, and so loud that we could not hear our tv even at top volume. They also took turns over-running their bath so that water poured through our kitchen ceiling. Then I came home from work to find there had been a fire in the flat upstairs. The firemen had carefully heaped all our belongings under a taurpaulin to protect from the water which was still dripping through the ceiling. Then that landlord offered us to claim for our damaged possessions on his insurance. We declined pointing out we had not lost anything.  The flats were beautifully renovated with the insurance money.

We moved back to a bed sit, again with normal tenants. Within a couple of months of moving in an extreme noise pest moved in above, and the other tenants started to make plans to move out. At the same time the quiet cafe directly beneath us changed ownership to people who were running an all night disco, 6 nights a week. The high volume music would start at 6pm and usually went on to between 2-3am, sometimes 6am. I could not see how a 9-5 cafe, unlicensed, could become an overnight disco. I wrote to the Council enquiring what hours the place was licensed to sell alcohol, as obviously they were not selling orange juice at 2am. I received a fob-off answer. The house next door which was also affected by the noise was sold and immediately extended and renovated into expensive flats. At the same time a mature tree at the back of our flats next to that neighbours wall was felled.

When one of the normal tenants moved out, he was replaced by an African migrant. The house started to get a huge amount of post to people with African names who did not live there. Post arriving for tenants who did live there came with many variations on the names – Christian and surname reversed, mr to Miss, variations in spelling. When another flat became vacant another African moved in. She did not have any possessions, her door and the communal door was always left open, and someone kept breaking the outside security gate to the accommodation. Every few months these tenants kept changing, so they must have been living at other addresses. The police kept coming to the house looking for people with an African name, but the residents always denied knowing them. After several changes of tenant the original African lady came back. After a few months she stopped us in the hall and told us she had just had a baby. Our jaws dropped. She was a small slight woman who hadn ‘t looked the slightest bit pregnant. Later I passed another African woman of mature years, who seemed quite low in intelligence, telling the staff of the restaurant downstairs that she had just had a baby, but she didn’t have it anymore. The baby came and went. These same tenants overflowed the baths on several occasions flooding out the tenant beneath. She moved away.

I received a letter demanding I pay a fine for driving through a red light late at night in a neighbouring suburb. I don’t have a car and can’t drive. My medical records were mysteriously sent to the other side of London. My post was interfered with and packets stolen.

The house at the back of the flats was sold. A mature tree in his back garden was felled. Shortly after the new owner moved in the rubbish for all our flats, adjacent to his premises, caught fire. It was a huge blaze and looked as if it could spread to the adjacent properties. Fortunately it didn ‘t. A fire was started in the room adjacent to us. All the tenants had to leave the house. The tenant of the room where the fire started walked past me, she appeared to be wearing assorted bootlaces.

The owner of the house converted the bedsits into flats ( rents between £800 – £1,000 pcm. Housing Benefit paying – still African tenants). He had another business which he sold. Part of his previous shop became an advertising wall for an Estate Agents.


To summarise. When a Targeted Individual/Target Bait moves into a property, the gang stalkers follow. They lie to the owner in order to get access to the property, then they move criminals in engaged in high visibility crime/anti-social behaviour. The owner will be beset with problems caused by the problem tenants. His property will be vandalised, flats flooded by overflowing baths, noise complaints and arson events. Lies are also told to the owners of the adjacent properties. If the owners are resistant to persuasion a few arson events will be employed. The property owners sell at a discount and their properties are then extended, renovated and redeployed for maximum profit.

Note about trees

That gang stalkers like cutting down trees is a bit of a puzzle. One could suppose this is in support of their lie that the Target is a dangerous criminal and cutting down a tree is to provide a line of sight to the house. In the first house we lived at the front, the tree was in the back garden without public access. In the second house we were again at the front and the trees were at the back. It is more likely that the removal of the trees, from houses that the gangstalkers anticipate they will control, is to provide clear sight to spy on neighbouring houses.




  1. prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 18, 2014

    Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs.

  2. RobM · May 18, 2014

    Usurping rights worldwide, controlling property markets through guile:

    A personal account of this came up in one of the Peacepink threads a while back:


    Copy of post:

    Permalink Reply by Tracy on September 3, 2013 at 10:37am

    The answer is, those that target are affecting that a criminal or medical diagnosis get rendered on a person, that the very vague axis points that allow doctors to diagnosis skitzophrenia (done by the pharma running fed reservists) are open troughs for professional targeters to run innocent people into. This is just one of many many ways the lands are being usurped out from under us as the restructuring of Agenda 21 (a UN directive) is ushered in slowly and with as little detection as possible. Most of us are not versed in how to disengage forever a person from being able to own land, or run corporations or partnerships or trusts holding land. Let me tell you the 3 major ones: 1. a federal criminalization of you; 2 a bankruptcy; 3. incompetency or medical diagnosis stating/proving inability to own/manage.

    these three specifics are what the end goal is to targeting a person. People cannot figure it out becuase the ones doing it are jumping ahead of curves to usurp your rights to inherit, if they arn’t going after your current owned property. Targets think what are they after me for, I don’t have anything (those that are targeted that don’t own homes that they are being driven from using same tactics). They identity theft you to destroy your financial credibility, and use several tactics to eventually get bankruptcy declared. Maybe that is the targets only option and it saves them, allows them to move forward and somehow, the targeting is over. But, unrealized is you have been trumped ever being able to own again and out of all financial arrangements parents, grandparents have made for matter in partnerships, or corporations as it is pre written into all legal documents forming them that these 3 items causes disclusion to inherit, more or less.

    They terrorize you to run you into police stations saying so, so you are automatically deemed skitzo, which has been authorized and training manualed in. It starts a record on you you will never escape. Using the skitzo diagnosis has been the hidden way to do the same legal death as criminal records gets you. No one paid attention to the burgeoning pharma and ‘housing’ for such, and it cut the need for expensive prison holding as well as the obviousness of intentionally driving people, herding them off land, out of many individual rights that are lost when you lose land ownership.

    they use the invisible weaponary to induce like symptomology of the vaguly defined p. skitzo.

    I am leery of anyone suggesting what you are suggesting on a TI site. You are not a phychologist and neither are victims. If one wants to know the axis points of skitzophrenia, i suggest they look it up. Doing so and viewing these axis points would lead even the most convinced person of TI nonsense into the hard fact reality that anyone can vaguely fit into the circumference of meeting at least 2 axis points in every day to day life. Couple in actual targeting and bingo, you have met the qualifications to be artificially labeled and discriminated against the rest of your life. Factor in, when any target has been terrified, then put under the microscope for a six min eval by, usually a foreign doctor lucky to be here on a visa and who wants to keep it, there is pretty much no way they will not accidently say something true that can be used as a ‘cross the threshold into’ axis 1-6. Check it out yourself.

    I was not only usurped my life assets, but my inheritence by this entrapment and herding in, or attempt to. Have viewed 13 years of target upswing. Have studied attorney’s ‘necessary add-ins’ on such important estate planning documents shelled out to concerned estate planners as necessary in case Jane doe gets in a car wreck and ends up in a coma. After it is in, it is a free for all in pre-planning, pre affecting records, pre targeting, and target onslaught in order to abscond. A free for all in hiring criminals to ‘affect’. It becomes the job of doing it hidden, through subcontracts of subcontracted attorney dirt, and legalizing theft and permanent maiming.

    I also have worked in lockdown psych facilities and senior care facilities for about 10 years. And observed how it works, from having seniors deemed out of what is their’s legally and entrapping them in care facilities, to forced state conservatorship imprisonment, forced addiction to pharma medicines that make people worse, not better, to experimenting wildly on them with this or that drug, causing great dibilitation. From speaking and viewing many who didn’t make it in the targeting and staying afloat and landing there. To perfectly sane people telling stories that every TI would easily see as targeted into such a joint.

    This is like a what came first, the chicken or the egg. Instead of suggesting targets are maybe skitzo, perhaps you ought to be researching who came up with what is skitzo so targets could be run into the diagnosis. I, for one, am quite sure the research would frighten the hell out of you. When you team it with flat out mortgage fraud bankers are responsible for, team it with criminalization techniques, and team it with identity theft, being run off your job, and bankruptcy courts………………then you might catch a glimpse of very dark agenda’s and who is carrying them out. That isn’t even taking into account manipulation of emminent domain, making every piece of land either flood or fire zones and seizing control of em, or monsanto’s robbery of every farmland in america to geo seed and feed us into medical monstrocities. Doesn’t take into account what frac ing is actually doing to every water source known to man, either.

    Im sorry, but i find it suspicious, this suggestion for a forum. I believe absolutely individuals fragmented with vicitimization of targeting need to STAND VERY VERY FIRM against the idea anything is wrong with them, or open themselves up to possible self inditements without realizing it publically. Any target, ought to look up and review very carefully these axis points. It is a direct defensive guide to not falling into a trap, entrapment.

    As someone in the continuing education field of mental health, just noting in the class that anyone fits into these catagories caused enough eyebrow raising to convince me, personally, I’m spot on.

    As well, I HEARTFULLY recommend no targeted individual go to any phychologist or doctor reporting any sympomology unless you find one that is versed in the weaponary in use. If you can find one that is aware, they are likely a targeted individual as well. Same to attorney’s, very few will take it on becuase they know they will then become a victim. These two facts in and of themselves, pretty much speak volumes. If you say you hear voices, you are simply dead meat in the diagnosis areana.

    • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 18, 2014

      Thanks for Tracy’s comment, RobM. It’s a good comment. She sees the big picture. There is a lot on these lines on the site “Victims Unite” Sabine McNeill. When you put all the accounts together there is a clear pattern of the highest social class abusing their positions of power and trust to fleece any working class/lower middle class person who has achieved a degree of financial success. Such people have financial assets but lack the social class/ connections to protect themselves.

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