Signs you are being gang-stalked using the internet


Everyone experiences problems using the internet. When you are being gang stalked you will experience problems using the internet continuously. It is frustrating, it causes delays causing your work to slow down, and you will be sent along false paths, leading you sometimes, in good faith, to reprint inaccurate information, or information that could cause you legal problems. Expect the following.

1.     Research Terms. No matter how precisely and carefully you phrase your research term, the search engine seems to avoid responding with the information you are looking for. You will often be presented with information which is the opposite of what you are looking for; you will be presented with information which has only a distant and trivial connection with what you are looking for; you will be presented with information with no connection at all to what you are looking for; you will be presented with information which is years out of date; you will find what appears to be a relevant document, but when you access it the document is no longer there or you get an error message; you find a useful and relevant site and it keeps crashing, refuses to re-load, or disappears completely off the page; you will find no information at all on what you are looking for.

You find a document which seems relevant, but it is information you have never seen before, and you can’t verify it with any reliable source.

Altering your search term will just lead you further away from your subject matter. 

Trying different search engines might work for a short time, then the problem returns.

Mark Rich “The Hidden Evil”, who had a background in computing expressed the theory that a delay in a page loading could be an indication you were bring re-directed to a false page, containing only information that the gang-stalkers wish you to see. In my own experience, when I have used search terms which were unpredictable, in these cases the delays in the page loading were very long and noticeable. 

2.      It is a regular occurrence that useful, creditable sites are taken down, or the author suddenly stops posting. Usually without explanation, or a barely creditable explanation.  Rubbish sites on your topic run forever.


1.      Your keyboard stops working.

2.       Problems develop in whatever site you are using to post. Keystrokes give null response. Functions stop working or work erratically. For example, you press the Italic function. It either doesn’t work, or you can’t stop it working. Your work, usually at the end of a long article disappears and then it turns out the automatic save didn’t save. When you try to save an article the save button runs indefinitely. When you try to sort the problem you lose the article. 

3.      You are a fast and accurate typist. Suddenly your work is full of typos that you didn’t type. Words are replaced with different words so if you do not proof your article you won’t notice words have been changed. The caps lock will put itself on and you might find you have typed half a page in capital letters before you notice. Capital letters appear irrationally in the middle of words. 

4.      You take great care to provide accurate links – they virtually never work.


If you search the web a lot you will notice how many good quality articles appear to have had no response whatsoever. This is sad, but normal. The internet is huge. 

1.      You become a magnet for idiots. The majority of comments on your articles appear to have been written by those monkeys hammering out the works of Shakespeare over 10 billion years.

2.      You will get long replies about some part of your article which was not your main point.

3.       You will get long replies about subjects which were not part of your article.

4.        Comments may include material which could under some legal jurisdictions be a cause of legal contention. 

5.        Comments may be made which are borderline offensive if a hyper-sensitive decided to interpret them that way – in which case they become offensive and a trouble magnet to your site. 

6.        There will be attempts to steer you away from your topic.


Everyone has these problems. But Targets have these problems constantly. For instance, I was trained by the Royal Mail for the code desk. This required a minimum speed of 200 key strokes per minute with at least 98 percent accuracy. I worked on the code desk for 3 years. Now I have to carefully proof read every article I type on computer. Most sentences will contain a word that has been changed to another word. 




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