Disenfranchised at 28 Spring Grove, Harrogate. Who else lives at this address?

Tomorrow is polling day. I have just found out that I will not be able to vote – the first time I have failed to vote in decades. What happened?

Just over a year ago my husband died and I moved to this address. I paid my last Council Tax at the old address and they wrote to me at my new address confirming I was paid up. A few weeks later the electoral register forms arrived. I filled mine in, posted it back and forgot about it. In the last few weeks I have been watching for my polling card to arrive and when it didn’t I went to the Council Office to enquire how to vote in the absence of a polling card. This was the moment I found out that I am not on the electoral register.

The clerk couldn’t have been more helpful. While I worked hard to suppress my fury she diligently sought out the “person to ask” as this was not her area of work, and handed me the phone. This clerk also was enormously helpful. She said she had a record of me at my previous address but not since I moved, so presumably the form I had returned had got lost in transit. She explained that although I had all documentation needed to be put on the register immediately, it was too late for me to vote. The cut-off date was several weeks earlier.

When I was returned to the first clerk something else hit me. I said, does this mean for the last year I disappeared off all official records? Yes.

This would be just one of those things, a glitch that can happen to anyone from time to time. It is the first time for me that my electoral registration had been lost in the post. Also, a whole year has passed since I failed to register. In the past when I have been even slightly slow in returning the form the office kept sending them every few weeks until I returned one. Also you are pursued if you do not complete an electoral register form. If the Council had not received my returned form, why dead silence for an entire year?

I spoke to our postman on the way in and he told me the polling cards had been delivered 2-3 weeks ago. There are 14 bed-sits at this address. I buy a lot of books through Amazon so I check the post every day. If polling cards had come to this address I would have noticed mine was missing and contacted the Council then – in time to vote. But none came. Now isn’t that strange. A house containing 14 separate households and NO polling cards are sent and nobody has come round to enquire who is living at the address.

When I moved here a year ago all the previous long-term tenants were moved out. This was obvious from the mail and the car parking, which had previously been over-subscribed. When the electoral forms came a few weeks after I arrived, mine was the only one completed and returned. The others, addressed to people who no longer lived here, sat on the table for weeks. When a second set of electoral forms arrived in October, there was none for me – which is what I expected as I had completed my form months earlier, and again the forms remained on the table for weeks. Also letters from tv licensing arrived and no-one touched them. The house has been half empty for the last year and every few months the tenants change. This would explain why no polling cards arrived at the house.

As a Targeted Individual I have made the point in earlier blogs that the gangstalkers are trying to make out that I am a gypsy. I am aware that the best way to protect against Identity Theft is to maintain continuity. When you move you tell the electoral register immediately to maintain continuity. Gang stalkers interfere with post, sometimes preventing it from arriving. With one simple move – the gang stalkers have erased my presence from an official register for a year – which would be characteristic of a person attempting to avoid official notice a criminal mode of behaviour or a vagrant having no permanent address, which corresponds with the lies they have spread.  And they have deprived me of my vote.





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