Gang stalkers dirty tricks – blackmail

If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear – NOT when gang stalkers get involved.

The number of times criminal opportunities were set in my path,most notably when my husband and I were burnt out of our accommodation and the owner, whom we had never even met, invited us to claim for damaged property on his insurance, when none of our property had been damaged  could only mean one thing. In the absence of criminal behaviour the gang stalkers had the objective of getting me to engage in criminal behaviour which could only have the motive of giving them leverage – blackmail in other words.

But don’t think you are safe because you have never committed a crime and turn down invitations to do so. Gang stalkers infest every contact you have – work colleagues, your family, lover, spouse, their family, friends. Firstly they are told lies about you. Then they are told to tell lies about you.

Someone close to you is definitely blackmailable. Perhaps even they have not committed a crime, but they have children. Perhaps the gang stalkers realise you are not someone who can be blackmailed on someone else’s behalf. Then they just circumvent you by blackmailing those close to you instead. So much social credibility is dependent on the confirmation of others. Telling lies is not generally a crime. People outside a court setting are not going to equate lies they are induced to tell as perjury or perverting the course of justice, because the lies in themselves don’t seem that bad.

Isolating the Target is an objective of gang stalkers, stripping them of all social support . The gang stalkers lie about the target, then all they have to do to make their lies credible is to induce every person who knows the Target well, to deny knowledge of them. No, never saw that person in my life – when you worked with them for twenty years. No, I don’t know that person -when you lived there for twenty years. Yes, I have a sister, but she lives somewhere else. You are made out to be an imposter. Now you are the criminal, pretending to be someone you are not. You are pushed out of your own life. Your identity is hi-jacked and you are made a blank canvas. Now the gang stalkers can make you out to be anything they want you to be.

If they can’t obtain leverage directly they just obtain it indirectly. A bit of a quandary. You can be responsible for your own acts, but to protect yourself you would need to be in control of the acts of everyone in your vicinity. Not because you want to control anyone, just for others to tell the truth. Unless you become a godfather of a criminal gang, this will be outside most peoples reach.

I don’t see a lawful solution to this. It looks as if the only people who can protect themselves from gangstalkers are serious criminals. The kind who kill, the only thing gangstalkers fear, because then the game is over for them.

But, should this be happening in a civilised, democratic, rule of law country?





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