Gang stalkers insane model of reality

It is easy to overlook that insanity can be infectious. Insane people if they have the upper hand can drive those close to them insane. There is no shortage of examples. Start with babies. Firstly they deny you adequate sleep for up to  three years, and only a few days of sleep deprivation knocks most people off balance. A child’s screams, one of the most stressing sounds we experience makes rational judgement difficult. Try thinking about anything when that racket is going on. Also there is no rhyme nor reason to their upset, so there is no rational way of dealing with them. Children cry whatever you do. What is amazing is that mental breakdown – because that is what it is – the demands of the child overwhelm the mother’s ability to cope, only affects some mothers and not all.

Abusive husbands, some psychopaths dedicating themselves to breaking their wives mentally and emotionally. A mild example illustrated in the film “Gaslight” which is exceptional in its illustration of mind games and dirty tricks the criminal husband used to drive his wife insane or appear insane to others so he could steal her wealth.

Caring for sufferers of dementia must be one of the harshest situations imaginable. The person you once loved replaced by a changeling whose needs and demands are as continuous and irrational as a child’s but combined with the strength and mobility of an adult.

Parenting teenagers.

Being responsible for people with mental illnesses.

Being conned into joining a cult and indoctrinated.

Prisoners of war being “brainwashed”. Political dissidents being “re-educated”.

And more than one or two significant examples from Nazi Germany.

So it goes on. The merchants of insanity are born to us and ever with us, and yet when a normal person encounters any of these situations which are common enough events, it is always a surprise and we all are badly adapted for dealing with the situation. A normal mind is hard to maintain in proximity to an insane one.

And then we have gang stalkers. A judge once commented on Scientology when their methods of “coercive persuasion” were revealed to him, alongside Scientologists exemplary money-making entrepreneurship – “the perfect con”.  Not yet. Surely the prize must go to gang stalkers. Scientologists could only recruit people who came to them. Gang stalkers come to you with the apparent authority and credibility of the State behind them. You can walk away from Scientologists. Try walking away from the State.

Unlike others conned into joining cults, the situation of gang stalking recruits is closer to conscripts. If you want to have nothing to do with them, just how do you get them off your back? If you won’t be intimidated, there is bound to be someone closely connected to you who will cave. It is human nature. People are weak, silly, selfish, greedy, or moral, protective and loyal to their loved ones – either way the few who can recognise the con and can resist it, are the minority. Most people can be manipulated. It is simply a matter of identifying their buttons. And gang stalkers have the power and resources to cover all bases. Most people will think it is better to work with them than be on the receiving end, but they don’t realise they are the targets.   They, more so than the person they think is the Target, have resources which the Controllers want to acquire and control. If you think upper class people have any respect for middle class people and your values – go read a history book or even a newspaper.

Gang stalking is the cult from hell. You can refuse to join other cults – but not this one. You can flee other cults to the protection of the law, but once you are a gang stalker, the law will not protect you. Cults using “coercive persuasion” and other mind-bending techniques are limited in what they can do to you – and they can still drive you insane. But the law does not reach where the gang stalkers operate. As soon as you are in, the process of driving you insane begins. You are forced to accept a false reality fabricated by the Controllers. Alternatives which would shore up your sanity and reality perception are cut off. You will be stripped of all you have worked so hard for, whether it is material possessions, a relationship, family or a career. If they want, you will be destitute. There is nowhere where you can go to help. If they tell you to “smile, while your heart is breaking” you will.


Why? Why me? What have I done? Nothing. There will always be evil people. That is why we have laws. But when the powerful, wealthy and privileged can set themselves above the law, hi-jack every institution to serve only their own ends, and not the ends the institution was created for, watch out. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.





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