Gang stalkers mentality – feudal overlord mind-set

1.       Fascism -greed

2.        Everyone not ruling class is property – their property. Their objective is to secure all wealth to themselves. In pursuit of wealth they don’t want any resource to be free. If there is anything that anyone wants they work to find some way to charge for it.  They maximise the work from their slaves – everyone not ruling class, to bring all wealth to themselves. Any special quality their slaves might have, intelligence, talents, skills they will attempt to take, if they can’t take, exploit, if they can neither take nor exploit, then destroy.

3.        They view all women, not ruling class, as people they are entitled to totally exploit for sexual and reproductive use and financial profit. 

4.        As far as possible they want everyone, men and women to work for nothing.

5.       They acknowledge no law, no morality no power greater than themselves. They defer to no-one but expect deference from everyone.

6.        In that they view all people not of their class as slaves, the slaves have no rights. They feel free to totally exploit anyone for any purpose. This includes children.

7.       They play with their slaves lives for personal gain and amusement. They view it as an insult if any slave has anything of value that they do not have. They will do their best to take it. If it is something that they cannot take, like a good relationship or a good family , they will destroy it.

8.        They maintain the view that they can do no wrong. They maintain they are not guilty for any of their acts or the consequences of those acts, and they adopt the tactic of making other people take the blame and consequences of their crimes.


What do they want? All your money. Your work for free. Your bodies, minds and emotions as playthings.

Everything you have. They want total unquestioning obedience. They do not permit you to have any loyalty except to them, or respect for any value, legal, moral or religious, apart from them. They want you to treat them as gods.







  1. SC · December 22, 2014

    Please read up on sovereign citizen groups and their activities. Should ring bells for you.

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