Gang stalking – weird neighbours

When my husband died last year I moved into smaller accommodation. The bed-sit I found was in a beautiful large house overlooking gardens, with 14 rooms. The rooms were all occupied and I had a three week wait until my room became vacant.

But when I moved in the house appeared more than half empty along with the carpark which had previously been full. Every few months the neighbours kept changing – an unusual pattern for a rural town.

And I have weird neighbours. Have you ever experienced this?

1.      A neighbour who conceals a child in his room for about two months. That child virtually never speaks.    (It’s a lovely house but the sound proofing between rooms is non-existent).

2.       A neighbour demands that he be called “Lord” before his name.

3.        A neighbour, whom I have been told lives alone, has a shower, then he has another shower immediately afterwards.

4.        A neighbour talks to himself.

5.         A neighbour pulls the door off the communal washing machine.

6.         The communal kitchen for 4 rooms is clearly only being used by one person. (I do not use the kitchen, as I do not cook. Old people don’t need a lot of food.)

7.         For a time top of the range cars were parked in the car park. Not what you expect from a bed-sit house. When I started to take photographs of these they parked in the street.

8.         A neighbour simulates intercourse sounds even though he is living alone.

9.         I am told a postman had moved into the house. I was a postman so am usually awake from 5am. And I overlook the carpark. The “postman” leaves the house at different times, most of these times too late for a postman’s early start.

10.      Electoral registration forms and tv licence forms remained untouched for weeks. 14 households, yet no polling cards arrived at the house.

11.     The people in the house mimic my clothing. This implies to strangers that there is some connection between us. They are nothing to do with me and I can’t control how other people dress.

12.      I returned my completed electoral registration within a few weeks of moving here. A year later when I enquired at the Council why I had not received a polling card I was told I had not been registered since I left my previous address. This is the first time my electoral form has got “lost in the post”.

13.     The housekeeper, the only continuing resident from when the previous long term residents were moved out and replaced by a transient population, is being noise harassed by his neighbours.






  1. SC · December 22, 2014

    Most GSers do not have regular jobs and many are on welfare of some sort. An increasing number are cash-strapped students and elderly (yes, many grey-heads are now GSers, and they can be quite cruel and zealous in their assigned roles!). Most drive new cars. New GSers that move into my apt complex have crappy cast-off furniture, suggesting that their residency is more a facet of stalking business, rather than legit living as a resident. All drive nearly new cars and some have multiple cars (mind you, with no visible income).

    All take turns at 24/7 GPR (ground penetrating radar type thru-wall weapons, with reducer horns, also are using infrasound attacks and regular gassing with medical anesthetic gases – all to mimic cardiovascular disease to age and cause infirmity or death, if possible).

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