Gang stalkers trash relationships

The most unexpected gang stalking tactic, and the one which people are least prepared for, is the priority placed on trashing people’s relationships – both personal as with lovers or closest friends or family. But also social, deliberately disrupting any social group the Target is involved in – whether work, a social club, or group of friends.

This is an extremely invasive and unusual technique and to my knowledge only two classes of criminals have used this technique as standard. The first are pimps and traffickers who pre-select women they wish to drive into prostitution, and so set out to deliberately destroy the woman’s social support across the board so as to isolate her. The second group of criminals who made a point of attacking their Target by infiltrating their social group and sabotaging their social links, were the secret political police of Soviet Russia, the German Stasi and COINTELPRO.

First pimps and people traffickers. The methods used to force women into prostitution are standard and historical and follow the same formula. The Target women are poor or working class women, and so lack social protection. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully a woman lives so as to protect her good reputation on which a good marriage and/or a good job relies, that can be simply negated by a man lying about her, telling everyone she is a prostitute. Men are happy to believe this as the demand for prostitutes might as well be infinite. Women of higher social class are happy to believe it, because it boosts their own moral stature with no effort on their part and takes a lower class woman out of the competition for good jobs and good men. The pimps will also work to alienate the woman’s family so that she will lose their support. And of course, if she is in a relationship or seems about to have a stable relationship, the slander will put that relationship in the bin. After isolation the pimps/traffickers might arrange for the woman to be attacked or lure her into a relationship with someone whose job it is to subdue her and coerce her into prostitution.

COINTELPRO targeted women’s liberation groups and lesbian groups. This appears to be taking political policing too far as it is plainly ridiculous that such groups in any way represent any danger to national security. These groups were formed for the purpose of giving women a safe venue to socialise, compare their experiences and learn from each other, social resources which are commonplace for men.  Some were also responsible for founding the battered wives shelters as up till then women fleeing dangerous husbands had nowhere safe to go.  Politically it makes no sense, but from the point of view of pimps losing their prospective conscripts into prostitution, it makes every sense. Battered wives were able to obtain protection. Their opponents didn’t want them to be able to obtain protection. They didn’t care what happened to the women and their children so long as the women and children remained under male control. As some violent husbands are also paedophiles and paedophiles most often attack children related to them, this would follow suit for the authorities providing cover and enabling paedophile activity. The same people who prostitute women also prostitute children. Women’s Aid might have been seen as getting in the way of a lucrative racket.

But why infiltrate and subvert lesbian groups? For the same reason. Pimps seek to demolish any sanctuary women seek out to avoid them. Lesbian women by their lifestyle live safer lives than heterosexual women, as they can meet their social, emotional, intellectual and sexual needs, while safely avoiding interaction with men. If lesbian groups had not been sabotaged they could in time create a women controlled social arena, safe from male sabotage and control, and heterosexual women might start imitating their model. The pimps knew from experience that the women they coerced into prostitution could not rely on their families, their lover/husband, their community, nor the law, to protect them. And the pimps did not want that situation changed. If women managed to create their own exclusive social groups, vulnerable women could find protection with other women.

But gang stalkers don’t only attack women, although women are their main target. They also attack men.  Gay men are targeted for recruitment as they can be used for many purposes in the gang stalkers games. Obviously used as prostitutes, but also to discredit male targets in various ways.

Gang stalkers are obsessed with sex. Sex is hugely financially exploitable and is an enjoyable power trip for perverts destroying people’s intimate lives .  Targets believe that intimate real life footage is likely sold on a porn market , so creating emotionally charged sexual footage to sell to a perverted market likely pays great financial rewards. And trashing people’s personal lives is useful for traumatising  people so as to make them more malleable .

But against other men a different criminal formula is used. The objective here is to separate the man from his wealth. The formula followed is a hybrid of cult indoctrination and con artist swindle. It is a long game so the first step is to trick the Target into joining the gang stalking cult. This is to enable the con artists to obtain maximum control over their target until he can be successfully fleeced. The indoctrination secures his silence, isolates him from those who might help, confuses, distracts and subdues his mind, destroys any other loyalties, whether to a person such as his child or spouse, or to a value system like lawfulness, morality or religious faith, and having secured maximum control, tricked/swindled by legal means  or intimidation out of his wealth. The same process of isolating the target is used. Gradually that person’s support group will be whittled away. Long-standing friends will move away. In the workplace  workers will leave. Deaths are common in a Target’s circle.





  1. prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 26, 2014

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  2. Thomas Wellbourne · May 27, 2014

    I love the way this is written. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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