Creating a Climate of Fear

1.     Gang stalkers recruit using fear. When they follow up the Target Bait to speak to anyone the Target Bait has interacted with, they tell their target for recruitment the lie that that person is a dangerous criminal. The sub-script in addition becomes – and you have associated with them. First the fear, then the implication of involvement, then the solution – you and I both are on the side of law and we can work to solve this.  The Controller first creates the problem, then presents the solution.  But the implication that the innocent gang stalking recruit was involved with a serious criminal is utilised later, when the Controller deliberately sets the recruit up with even more criminal associations. Such as in the case of a landlord, providing him with criminal tenants.

2.     It is not only the Target Bait whose environment is manipulated to make it appear that s/he is a criminal. When the Controllers insert very obvious criminal types (putting prostitutes into the house will ensure everyone in the community will be aware that that is a “bad” house), and the stigma and discrediting extends to the owner who cannot of course clear the matter with the neighbours by telling them -it is all right. I am not a criminal hosting criminal tenants – I am working with national security to help apprehend criminals.

3.      In the case of an employer of the Target Bait, the employer may also be induced to commit crimes, ostensibly to trap the Target. The consequence is the employer is trapped as he has now committed a crime. It can now be pointed out how laughable his defence would be in court were he to claim he only committed the crime to “help national security”. If the employer has resources the opportunity for blackmail is now opened up – we will see you don’t go to court if you …

4.      The noise campaigns in the neighbourhood keeps everyone reminded that there is a “dangerous criminal” in their midst.

5.       The neighbours of the house which the gang stalkers have infiltrated have been made well aware of the rumours of the “dangerous criminal” and are now suffering noise nuisance, confirmation that the rumours are true because of all the undesirable types hanging around and have become fearful both for their own and their family’s safety, but also the value of their property.  When I was first gang stalked in Northern Ireland, an immediate neighbour sold up and moved. This also happened in London. And in the street I now live in Harrogate – a good area – several of the neighbours have sold and moved. These are prime properties in a sought after area. I hope all these sellers got a good price for their properties.


Me.  Scary post woman.




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