Gang stalkers use lies to play people against each other

It could be summed up, one set of lies to one set of people; a different set of lies to a second set of people and a third set of lies to a third set of people. Of course controlling communications is essential, but lies can create the separation. Anyone told Person A is a paedophile would want to have nothing to do with that person, never mind speak to them or believe anything they said. When the gang stalking started for me when I was a student at Ulster University in 1970s, there was another student that I now realise had some idea about what was going on. Someone told me he was a thief, so I stopped talking to him. As I scarcely saw him again he could have been avoiding me. What lie had he been told about me? In a serious relationship where I thought I had found my marriage partner the relationship unexpectedly stalled. This was over the time there were riots in Handsworth, Birmingham in the eighties. My boyfriend who ¬†managed a restaurant in the opposite side of town had his own personal riot outside his restaurant. He called the police who did not arrive until the rioters had gone away. Then the police trawled over all his staff records to see if he was employing any illegal immigrants. This was followed by him being swindled out of his savings of ¬£40k. Then he employed a man who looked gay. This was at the height of the AIDS hysteria. I started to wonder if my prospective husband had something he should be telling me. In retrospect, I wonder what lies he had been told about me. So it’s one set of lies to one set of people and a different set of lies to a second set of people, and keep everybody separate so they don’t compare notes. Gang stalkers lie. And they never tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. When they follow up the contacts of the Target Bait, they might say something along the lines to their target recruits – that we are “investigating” her. They won’t tell the whole story that they are investigating the Target not for anything the Target had done, but they are using the Bait to recruit you. When they say you will be assisting in dealing with a crime, they don’t explain that the crime you are assisting with is being committed against you by them. They tell lies about everybody and never tell the truth about themselves. With all their chatter here, there and everywhere, the gang stalkers will never tell you what they have done. Events will be twisted out of context by careful editing. You will see what they want you to see, but what you need to know will be concealed. You never get the whole story.

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