How gang stalkers trash relationships

1.     Destroying a potential good relationship before it happens. Spread the slander to the man that the woman is a prostitute.

2.      Lead the woman to believe the man is gay. This can be staged using a gay recruit. If the man is a businessman for example, arrange for him to employ a gay looking man who just happens to always be in his vicinity. This was a particularly effective technique in the 1980s when AIDS hit the headlines.

3.       If the couple were planning to marry, and the man had savings, swindle him out of his savings.

4.        Preventing a working class woman from getting a good job by spreading lies to her potential employer by keeping her poor, sabotages potential relationships.

5.        To provide public evidence that the woman is immoral arrange for her to get pregnant. This is an especially effective technique in religious/moralistic communities where the effects can be dramatic along with catastrophic. The stigma to the woman’s family might cause them to reject her. On the basis of the lies told about the woman, then take the baby from her. This again provides social “evidence” that the slanders about the woman were true and traumatises the woman. This technique was more effective up to the 1970s when society was more judgemental.

6.       Set the woman up to be raped. This is a standard pre-prostitute recruitment formula. In strict communities, such as Ireland used to be, the slander that a woman is immoral makes her a magnet for every sexual pervert in her vicinity. The men know if they rape her they have little chance of being convicted .  Spreading the lie in any community that the woman is a prostitute will make her a magnet for perverts. This also provides visual “evidence” to others that the slander is true. It also causes people to avoid the woman for their own protection while socially isolating the Target. Decent people of  both sexes will avoid her. In  a multi-cultural setting, where Western women meet Muslim men, spread the lie to the Muslim men that the woman is a prostitute. Not only might this get her raped, it might get her kidnapped.

7.       Break an existing relationship by spreading slander to either party about the other. Sabotaging a committed sexual relationship is like putting a bomb in the relationship. It is likely to cause intense sexual footage. As Targets are subject to surveillance this induces the victims to produce prime sexual footage which unknown to them is then sold on a porn market.

8.        Try to lure one or both partners away using “honey-pot” tactic.

9.         Specifically target lesbian couples for disruption. It is harder to sexually exploit women if they live together for protection.

10.       Stress the relationship by creating stress at work/in the home. For instance a noise campaign might deter the man from coming home so that he goes straight from work to the pub and stays there. Sexual harassment at work for the woman might make her edgy and tense with her husband.


An extension of the above is that gang stalkers have in common with espionage recruiters a preference for recruiting physically attractive men and women, of as high social status as possible, alongwith gay appearing men, for the purposes of sexual seduction and framing perceptions. When you sign up to be a gang stalker bear in mind prostitution is in your job description.




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