The classist aspect of gang stalking

And sexist, racist and homophobic. The gang stalking targets are seventy percent women, also a high percentage of gays and ethnic groups. People who are socially marginalised and do not have the protection afforded by high social rank. Take a look at society. Above a certain social class level you have people who are “in the loop”, who have many top professional associates of many kinds, and who freely, and often, exclusively socialise with each other, and are largely free from state scrutiny and meddling. People of working class and lower middle class groups, are not “in the loop” and are largely excluded from associating with the higher social classes, except on a servant basis, to which they are confined. But talent rises, does it not? Well, that depends. If society puts obstacles in your path, such as social exclusion, your good character, intelligence, education and hard work will get you precisely nowhere, unless the role you are offered is one of complete exploitation. Nonetheless, good families, good communities, and venues for social interaction available to working class people, can provide a foundation of social support, in which people know each other and can help and protect each other. But women have always had problems in accessing safe venues for socialising. Social support is a foundation for success in employment and relationships. So society is basically divided. The privileged have the extra bonus that they ring-fence their group and freely socialise and interact within it, free from state supervision and meddling. Whereas those lower in social class are kept on the outside, are frustrated from protective ring-fencing, and either find that safe venues for social interaction are virtually absent – which is the case for a large section of working class women, or find what scarce social venues they have are subjected to scrutiny, interference and destructive meddling. The more vulnerable people are as individuals, the more valuable a protective social group is. Disrupting a social group denies vulnerable people group protection. The upper social classes have always gone out of their way to block social associations forming in the lower classes. They perceived the threat of vulnerable people forming collectives to protect their own interests. Divide and rule. Keep the subordinates separated and isolated. Subject them to unwarranted police interference. Play them off against each other. Poison their social groups and relationships. Stamp on them, individually and collectively, before they have the chance to get anywhere. Pick off the leaders/potential leaders.  Stop potential competition in its infancy. Unilateral class war instigated by our “betters”. With this perspective gang stalking makes sense. Lower middle class people in general recruited to harass working class people. Successful working and lower middle class people targeted for asset stripping to ensure that no-one in the lower classes retains the financial resources which could lift them out of the oppressed classes or provide support to others of their own class, whether providing work or accommodation.  Financial success in the lower classes helps lift their own class out of oppression – by providing work to people discriminated against in the middle-class system. By providing decent, affordable accommodation to people on low incomes. By forming a nucleus of a self-sufficient and self-supporting social group who have an alternative to the exploitive options offered by the middle classes. Small businesses and small landlords offering an alternative to the cut-throat terms offered by the higher social classes. I am not talking ideals here. I witnessed two landlords, one of a working class ethnic group, the other lower middle class, who by shear hard work bought houses to let out to others – working class people on low incomes – in both cases for rents lower than average for their area, and in one case the rooms beautifully re-decorated between tenants. They both lost their houses which were converted into flats and the rents maximised. Other self-made working class employers, providing work to working class people, lost their businesses. Gang stalking is an old game in new clothes.     .



  1. prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 27, 2014

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  2. RobM · May 27, 2014

    Unrelated to gangstalking, but on the topic of the classes of society: I think it depends. In the cesspools of the world, it is the scum who get to rise to the top.

    I’m not advocating any particular system: each has their respective merits and flaws.

    The socialist systems of UK, France and maybe Germany are great. I can give a subjective point of view from one particular group of South Africans. These would be middle class English speaking South Africans (more accurately my school friends – all university educated). Also this is during the timeframe when the UK still allowed working VISA’s to South Africans.
    To them, it seemed pretty difficult to stay homeless, or on the street. There was affordable healthcare, a reliable, affordable public transport system and at any point in time there were available work opportunities. The system went even further – on colder nights, state sponsored healthcare would distribute blankets for people on the street. At face value a nanny-state. Even when broke, it was possible to eat. The can of beans may not be pleasant, but livable.

    Another example: Australia – some (or most) of my friends have now emigrated there. This is well run country, but rules are to be followed to the letter. For example, there may be not a single car on the road, but they will not go over the pedestrian crossing until the light is green.

    I’m from South Africa, which differs from the countries north of it. Rules are pretty relaxed here. I’m sure scams take place in the UK, and probably in a much more advanced and developed fashion. But here, you don’t always have the backup systems, or the facilities. Healthcare is not cheap, and can be alarmingly substandard. Fresh blood, and scabies on the hospital beds- its reported as commonplace knowledge as if retorting, “so what? you just figured that out now?”

    But then you hear of modern day slavery, like the Magdalene laundries and its shocking. One would not expect that in this modern society?
    But there are many things going on behind the scenes that the mainstream media never know about. No one directly related to me, but stories have surfaced in conversation: things such as people finding out in adult life that they were sterilized (without their consent or knowledge) as teenagers.

    At some points in life, I may have felt like, “man, this is certainly not the hand of cards I need right now”, but I’d do it again. One can grow from this. Even moreso, I’ve seen the triumph of others who came come from far less and gone through far worse and they are the best people inside and out.

    Yesterday in the news was a story on Elliot Rodger. Premeditated murder shooting spree killing 7 random innocent students. Someone who had everything, except self-esteem and expressed disgust that women hadn’t just given him intercourse. A strange mentality. almost like being spoiled as a child led to a mentality that the world exists solely to serve this person. He had a BMW, and expressed materialistic views of superiority. A number of times spoke about himself as the ‘perfect gentlemen’ — yet the proof in the shooting : clearly he was not.

    Just my opinion, but I see the problem as him wanting a shag mostly for bragging rights. Not to speak ill of the dead, but had there been a woman who had accommodated his desires, she would quite possibly have been the subject of ridicule in one of his videos. It didn’t seem like he was into starting a relationship.

  3. prayerwarriorpsychicnotPra · May 27, 2014

    Interesting comment. What is also interesting is that we have never experienced before govts which were so highly invested into enquiring into every part of citizens existence, at the same time as divesting themselves of any responsibility for citizens lives , and equally obsessed with keeping their own activities totally secret . I go along with the view privacy for the citizen and transparency for the state. After all if what they are doing is good for us , why are they hiding it?

  4. RobM · May 28, 2014

    On the one hand one could ask “Why would someone conceal or destroy evidence?”, in the rhetorical sense. While on the other hand one could also speculate the possibility of there being a train of thought of preventing panic in a disaster, or impending disaster.

    Is there an impending disaster? Is there a sinister force at work?

    Yes, this should be a concern to be taken seriously. Almost all of a persons human rights are circumvented and violated by this and in some places simply laughed off.
    Constitutional rights are violated with impunity and there is no recourse.
    Have the wrong people gained absolute power without accountability? After all, is this even the government? It could be a secret society, a cult, organized crime, various corporations industrial espionage teams or even terrorists.

    Take freedom of speech for example:
    As far as this mysterious “gangstalking” concept, one could agree that no one knows what’s going on. So assuming someone decides to jot down some ideas (rather than lap up the “mainstream stuff” prisonplanet, inforwars and peacepink dish out). After all that is what freedom of speech is there for? This person is well within their rights. There is 0% illegal about formulating these ideas and there is 0% threat to society by brainstorming these ideas. In fact alerting society of these crimes is the completely correct course of action.

    — Should they concern themselves they may have an undiagnosed heart condition? … or even the possibility of facing a humiliating ironic twist of fate slipping on a banana peel, falling into a coma?
    *** What good are rights if they are not enforced? ***

    — Is it really possible or believable to the general public that one could express the ‘wrong’ idea in public which somehow have an effect on their lives: such as overnight the circumstances surrounding that person’s life could mysteriously deteriorate to becoming unbearable: to the point of considering suicide?

    Of course, one is most welcome to have an open mind and repeat ideas of alien spacecraft, Nibiru, Mayan calendars, alien grey, satellite DEW mind control etc.
    Slowly but surely this serves to replace reality to a fantasy mindwarp, quite often involving bells, elves, leprechauns and a ‘laser microwave ELF weather and thought control satellite’.

    • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 28, 2014

      The authorities rather give themselves away. In practice we know they don’t give a damn about people with real mental illnesses who are left to fend for themselves at whatever social cost. If the ideas are false there is no evidence that any who have them are any more than people with peculiar ideas. So if the ideas are a harmless delusion why must the authorities at every point deny – if someone told me they really believed there were fairies at the bottom of the garden I wouldn’t make a point of following them about saying that isn’t true . It wouldn’t matter. The authorities denial looks false. If gangstalking didn’t exist they would just ignore it. The evidence of politics, history and crime is there. The Soviets used these techniques, also the Nazis, the Stasi, KKK and Scientologists. Most people now accept the West has definitely moved in the direction of Police States. Crime happens, persecution of marginal and poor people happens, police corruption happens, white collar crime happens, cults exist and politicians and everyone involved lie to cover their tracks. Not so long ago the Mafia were thought to be a conspiracy theory. My boyfriend of 30 years ago did not imagine he was swindled out of £40k. My two previous landlords did not imagine that they lost their houses, and others lost their businesses. I did not imagine I was swindled out of my inheritance from my late husband. Nor did I imagine that documents were stolen from my flat.
      But of course it is standard practice for criminals to lie, to blame the victim, to pretend no crime has taken place, and to try to attach blame for their crimes on innocent parties. If you are not aware of all the above it is you who is in cloud cuckoo land with aliens. Occam’s razor suggests the cause of crime is criminals, and gang stalking follows a well trodden path.

      • RobM · May 29, 2014

        Technically *all* of the stuff going on in the shadows would be illegal. The trick is not getting caught, or getting away with it. For these reasons, it is a given that no one will admit to it.

        Going further: what if you, Jane Public, weren’t involved but somehow found something out, it’s not likely they’ll let you publicly disclose their secrets.

        Hypothetically: assuming the possibility of one country possessing some global ‘watchlist’
        If you could assume that this one particular country does in fact have one… is there any reason another country won’t have to balance this out by following suit and starting their own?

        Are they legal? No, they circumvent all human rights and are completely unconstitutional. So making another assumption, say perhaps there are ten of these rival intelligence gatherers going on at the present time : none of the respective owners are going to admit to it. But then the issue of what good is the information, if you can’t also act on it? If it was strictly terrorist prevention, then some “secret source” could drop a tip to one of the government agencies, who would not be allowed to question its source. But if it involved civilian control as well, this may need some sort of worldwide presence of “counterintelligence agents” onsite, kind of like having an army of James Bond wannabe housewives disrupting the chain of being of normal society. Like someone put it in a message board forum, “The people who post here on the Prison Break forum are retards to be sure…. but they are MY retards”

        After all, anything goes in the name of safety. A brave new world, a new wild west of the shadows. Not long till word got around, first come first serve. The world is not a safe place, and you got to choose a side.

        Perhaps this is the precursor to the one world government in Revelation?
        Perhaps its just organized crime. That’s the whole problem, not even being able to describe what crime is being done to you.

      • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 29, 2014

        Crime is always the same problem. The victim knows what has been done to them, but they don’t know who the criminal is. I was going to say or why – but crime is always from the same motives – wealth and power/control. We have had relatively clean politics in Western countries in the 20th century, but all institutions have a tendency to rot unless they are ruthlessly supervised, and the higher up the chain you go, the more lax the supervision. The rewards to police/law enforcement in general to do deals with mega criminals are so huge. Short of becoming an CEO such rewards are beyond the reach of ordinary people. So you let the big guys off and help cover their tracks by keeping a ready supply of fall guys on standby. Crime pays. When politicians also jump on the bandwagon there is no-one left in society to put a stop to corruption. We are a short step from the criminal fascist anarchy of the nastiest 3rd world countries. But taking the long term view, perhaps it does not matter. According to some the human race had been a dead man walking since the middle of the last century. Evil in the end consumes itself.

  5. RobM · May 29, 2014

    “The victim knows what has been done to them, but they don’t know who the criminal is.”

    In the case of gangstalking, I don’t think so. If someone claimed to have used hard dissociative drugs, and then started to hear voices shortly after embarking on this adventure, there would be no mystery as to the strong possibility of schizophrenia and some other shiny new mental illnesses. The best course of action at this point would be to cool down and hope things return to normal. Some of the new synthetics on the market can cripple someone in one shot. To illustrate: watch a very old documentary called ‘The Frozen Addicts’.

    Back to gangstalking and how the above applies to this :
    Here’s the tricky part : if a 3RD party (the stalker) was administering these drugs to a victim (the ‘TI’) who was completely unaware of this, would the TI catch on?
    To the TI who felt fine the week before, then suddenly out of the blue voices and weird stuff started manifesting: how do they explain this?

    They do searches on the internet… (scary music starts here…)

    This is purely for humor, but is it possible that at this point they are then directed to the loving, consoling arms of the “perp” psychologists of P____pink who will re-enforce and nurture their mental illness?


    I was just thinking about your comments above. If you are concerned about being falsely set up (institution, prison, homeless, job loss, debt etc), please understand I get do it. About your misfortunes of being swindled, I believe you.

    I hope this clarifies what I meant by “the mental aspect” to gangstalking

    • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 29, 2014

      It is routine in many crimes to make out the victim was insane or imagining it , especially against women. I am more interested in facts, not smokescreens criminals create to hide their crimes. Too many people associated with me have lost thousands of pounds, their houses in the case of landlords and businesses. These were all honest working people, conventional and not stupid. So my theory is white collar crime with a major fraud element and corrupt police/authorities ennabling. As a matter of interest I know my bank was infiltrated on the basis of me being a customer. A year later in the same area there has been a multiple bank scam swindling a group of customers out of their savings – in one case his life savings an amount of hundreds of thousands of pounds. The fraudsters knew what banks the customers were with and also what they had in their accounts. They were also highly credible. Whatever happens to me is one thing, but why infiltrate a bank on the basis of false stories if not to get a “foot in the door” to access confidential records? The gang stalker recruiters also present themselves as being highly credible people. As con artists do. There is not enough information out there about how frauds are carried out. The fraudsters know what they are doing. It is not the job of the authorities to keep their methods secret so people become easy targets through ignorance.

      • RobM · May 30, 2014

        Interesting post. Your insight and perspective is always invaluable.

        I apologize for the wording of my posts. The reason is I don’t want some 3rd party using this or coming against me. (I have received some ‘stuff’ in writing, and they have acted on it)

        “It is routine in many crimes to make out the victim was insane or imagining it , ”
        — yes, this is true. Sadly psychiatrists and the DSM-V have become a weapon to be used against the people they claim to help
        — but this is not what I meant at all. I’m saying that it is possible that normal people are being physically harmed, through chemical poisoning. They had no mental illness before, may have been highly intelligent before. After this they may struggle doing school math. They don’t just ‘make out the victim is insane’, the victim has been damaged in ways they cant understand.

        About what happened between you and the banks, I have experienced this too — just not with the bank, but in a number of other circumstances.

        A lot of weird things are going on. They seem to have left me alone, and I am sitting on the fence of calling it a day and moving on. But you say you got swindled after the long con. I just need to assess things. In the beginning I thought it was ‘just’ organized crime, but then more and more…. it gets worrying. And that is not stuff that is just baseless paranoid assumptions.

        I know someone who got leukemia. On top of this there is a certified lab result, or the effects of being poisoned with arsenic.

        As far as proof, who is going to help? It’s a situation like you are living in Zimbabwe and wondering why you are sitting in prison when you tried to do the right thing by saying Mugabe is corrupt. Hence my train of thought of calling it a day and carrying on with living life. I’ve never been sorry for this taking place though, I learned a lot too, and am stronger for it. My life is about these conspiracy theories, so its all good. If it was just organized crime, then I’m moving on its a done deal – I’ve done the right thing by my side. It’s a different matter if this is the next Hilter regime, and there is something I should have or could have done something; I just don’t know. If you don’t mind, what would you advise?

      • prayerwarriorpsychicnot · May 30, 2014

        Govt and major crime are inextricably linked in most places and most times. The relative cleaness of Western democracies is the exception rather than the rule. Against govts acting along Mafia lines there is not a lot anyone can do. Keeping your head down hadn’t worked for working/poor class anywhere, it didn’t work for the Jews in Nazi Garmany, it didn’t work for the marsh Arabs in Saddams Iraq. It didn’t work for the peasantry under feudalism. Turning people into slaves has always been a major interest of power groups throughout history – and it’s on its way back. Life under fascism isn’t worth living. The life of a slave isn’t worth living. The life of a woman isn’t worth living in most parts of the world. This is not a criticism but the Jews in consenting to be slaves and not going down fighting supported the Nazis. Women equally work to support their oppressors. The only good thing about being a slave is that you have nothing left to lose. Those who have turned you into a slave have a lot to lose. Working in any way to bring that about becomes a reason to live. I was living a quiet life minding my own business until this persecution started. Now it is my objective to bring equivalent grief and loss to those who gratuitously inflicted it on others. I have no time for tyrants and tin pot dictators. One way or another they will go down.

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