The gang stalkers long game

And this is a real mystery of gang stalking. Gang stalkers play a very long game. One swindle took 20 years to execute, from start to finish. Another, 17 years. This is one reason it is difficult to perceive what is going on. Changes occur gradually over time and seem unconnected events -except when you realise they all arrive at the same conclusion – the Target is stripped of all they possess, then you can look back and see how all the previous events led to the result.

This is strange even by criminal standards. Part of the wisdom of age is how your perceptions change as you grow older and see connections between events that it is very difficult for a young person to see as they do not have the experience. But a confidence scam executed over a time period of twenty years, is near enough a lifetime. The older you are the better you become at long-term planning, but criminals are usually characterised by short-termism. What kind of criminal has the patience and foresight to patiently plan, tiny tweaks to a situation over decades before finally seizing all their victims assets? I repeat, someone who plans and waits decades. It makes no sense, other than it is very effective.

I have no theory to account for this. If someone had discovered the gift of immortality and lived for hundreds of years, that might account for criminals who can manipulate and wait a lifetime to collect their prize. There is an essential piece of knowledge missing here. And I cannot find it. I would be very interested if anyone knows of precedents of 20 year planning in the fields of history, politics and crime (but not SF thank you).



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