Surveillance – Profitable playtime for peeping toms

It is common sense that people gravitate to jobs that correspond with their interests and personality. Artists to advertising. Nurturant types to nursery care. Misogynists and paedophiles to the priesthood?

So what kind of personality would be attracted to surveillance, especially intimate surveillance that takes place in people’s homes? Voyeurs? Sexual perverts? Peeping toms? How about criminal opportunists who see an opportunity to obtain intimate footage of interest to similar perverts to sell on the porn market, not only at no cost to themselves but also no risk?

Who polices surveillance. Precisely, who polices those who carry out surveillance. Where is the guarantee that when surveillance invades the privacy of a person’s home, that footage is safeguarded from being sold  on a porn market?

Do the police, police themselves? Experience demonstrates repeatedly that this does not work. Uncovering corruption in the ranks, from Serpico onwards, has been a task the police in general maintain a great apathy towards. The occasional token efforts have been an example to all of us of how effective the tactics of closing ranks, practising omertà, deciding on your lie and sticking to it and  intimidating whistleblowers, can be in totally obstructing outsiders successfully penetrating your crimes and con games.

You have heard of recycling. In the context of the police it means redistributing, for profit, contraband confiscated from criminals, most often drugs, but also pornographic material. When the gang stalking started for me when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970s, the English policeman, who took an unwarranted interest in my life, alongwith inappropriate questions about my sex life, also recycled to me a large pile of porn magazines, which had been confiscated from students. I did not know or suspect I was subject to surveillance then, but evidently my sex life wasn’t interesting enough.

It is bad enough women having to contend with the individual perverts at loose in society without having to deal with state sponsored peeping toms making a profit out of your private life, while trashing your reputation.