Gang stalking tactic and counter measure

In a recent blog I gave an account of an emotionally abusive teacher at primary school, and the reason I had thought of an occurrence approximately 50 years in the past, and long forgotten was due to the gang stalking technique of “directed conversation” in order to make me recall the event. It is well known that dwelling on unhappy memories has a depressing effect and often the best way to deal with bad events is just to forget about them. To keep reminding  someone of the worst events of their life is a psychological attack, bullying, which is characteristic of people who do not have a normal mind set, abusive neurotic obsessive types. A technique often used by abusive husbands to humiliate and demean their wives. 

But my reaction to the abuse at the time did not subordinate me, if that was the intent. It made me furiously angry, an anger that I dissipated every night before I went to sleep in imagining in gleeful detail how I would torture that particular bastard to death, a soothing habit which I carried on for a number of years afterwards, and extended from then on towards any other male who annoyed me, and in bigoted, misogynist Northern Ireland, there were many. 

So, what can I say? Thanks for reminding me.

You see, you learn from experience. Any tactic which is used against you, once you understand it, becomes a tactic you can use. 

I suppose the intention of the “directed conversation” in dragging up events from ancient history is supposed to degrade and demean. I suppose so, but I have always worked on the principle of learn from your enemy, then work out how you can use the technique back at them. Two can play at that game. I have no interest in the individuals, the glove puppets of the controllers, who have no choice but to follow orders. So how can I reverse the technique  of “directed conversation” to cause damage to my persecutors? It is actually quite simple. I suppose these attackers of ordinary people are protectors of the great and mighty. The ruling elites, the Royals, politicians, etc. all of whom have done things in the past which they would rather everyone forgot about. As normal people do. But things change. If I am going to be put on the receiving end of being reminded of historical bad experiences, I shall now start to keep score, and make a point of reminding all in my vicinity, of every crime, illegality, indiscretion, stupidity, embarrassment, of any and all of those people that my attackers are protecting.

Two can play at that game.