Gang stalking verbal abuse – counter measure

Gang stalker’s lies kill several birds with one stone. On the one hand they tell lies to the people you meet that you are the most heinous criminal imaginable – a terrorist/paedophile/unstable sociopath/prostitute/drug dealer – and they also via directed conversations and dropping clever hints everywhere repeat the slurs to your face.

Due to one directed conversation recently, the gang stalkers kindly reminded me of when I was a target of bullying at primary school. In the process, they also reminded me of the techniques I adopted to disable the psychological damage of the bullying.

1.    Words are the cheapest and simplest of weapons. But they have a weakness. They are like rocks. You can pick them up and throw them back. When the gang stalkers throw their slurs at you – take a little thought and work out how you can throw them back – but not at the gang stalking glove puppets. That is pointless, they are just expendable tools. Your target for retaliation is the puppet masters, the controllers. You cannot identify them directly. You don’t know who they are, but you know they are the pawns of the e carefully concealed ruling elite, the visible part of which are the upper classes, politicians, security services. So, when they throw the dirt at you, which are lies, throw the dirt back at them, which are truths. Keep score. When they throw the lie at you that you are a thief, remind yourself of when the politicians committed massive fraud with their expenses claims, particular names with what they did – and write a blog about it, connecting it to a present event. If they use an insult – such as you are pond life – remind the world of Kincorra and how M15 were happy to allow child-abuse to continue to obtain blackmail material against politicians. If they infer you take drugs, search for a story about a politicians son who was caught taking drugs. If they imply you are a slut remind the world when a Royal revealed his butt to the world. If they throw the slur at you that you are insane, remind the world of the history of insanity in the Royal Family, and the Queen’s relatives who were discreetly hidden away in nuthouses. It doesn’t matter how old the event is – be like the gang stalkers – no damaging event is so old that it cannot cause damage for being revitalised. I suspect suppressing such material is behind the new Google trend – the right to be forgotten. As usual it will be applied in a one-sided way. The elite will be protected, while the past will be dredged up for you.

2.      The slurs, the false allegations thrown in your face are just a standard bullying technique, not that difficult to deal with. You have to build up your own walls of truth around yourself so the missiles bounce off harmlessly. Growing up in Northern Ireland my generation of women received on-going verbal abuse from males. This pattern holds for a lot of sexually repressed, misogynist, peasant cultures. By the time I moved to England I had to work hard to even hear what any man said, I had become so practiced at screening out their never-ending drivel. I guess parents develop the same deafness to their continually whining brats. The lies are not true, so don’t take them personally. Use the technique above to use as a counter weapon. 

But there is also another method you can use. The insults are meant to stress you. View this as a gift of energy. Don’t reject the charge you get from the insult, but seize it and convert it to your own use. Of all the emotions that Mother Nature provides us with, the survival emotions are the most reliable. Anger and hatred and the resulting impulse to identify your enemy and counter attack are there to equip you for survival. They are healthy and self-maintaining emotions used properly. They give you energy to build your defences, your walls against insult. They give you energy to conquer and laugh at the situation and laugh at your enemy, and direct your mind to ways to mock them in return. They give you energy to be motivated to cause the damage to your enemy that they have done to you. Negative energy can be turned into positive energy to serve your interests. You just have to decide to seize the gift and use it. The gang stalkers want you to suppress your frustration and turn it inwards. In this way they turn you against yourself. Never do that. Protect yourself and turn your anger outward, but only against the perpetrators, not innocent bystanders. Which leads to point three.

3.    In an earlier blog I recounted how as a primary school child on response to emotional abuse from a teacher, I sublimated my rage and frustration by soothing myself to sleep each night by imagining torturing him to death. This enabled me to face school with equanimity. The point of this technique is it keeps your frustration from turning inwards and becoming self-destructive. It also keeps your anger focused on the cause of the anger and not displaced onto innocent bystanders. And, as above, it keeps you focused on working to bring the downfall of your persecutors.

The technique is personal programming. Your mind on one level cannot distinguish between real events and imagined events. Imagining the downfall of your persecutors builds your mind up and strengthens it on the inside. It is pre-programming to conquer the situation and avoid defeat.  It need not have the objective of actually hurting anyone. You just disable the effectiveness of the abuse and inwardly strengthen yourself.