More on gang stalking housing scams

On two separate gang stalking sites I read these comments. Gang stalkers change the houses you have lived in. And, when you move into a house, building works start in neighbouring houses. These two different Targets expressed the view that this odd behaviour was part of the psychological warfare against them. I think it more likely indicates that the gang stalkers are engaged in housing scams.

When the Target Bait moves into a house, the gang stalkers tell the owner that is a dangerous criminal and ask for the owners cooperation. Acting in good faith, the owner cooperates and then the gangstalkers send very visible criminals to live in the house. High profile prostitutes, immigrants who look “dodgy”, people who act mentally disturbed, and noise pests. Then the gang stalkers trawl the neighbours to tell them that a criminal gang member prostitute drug dealer is now living at that address. The neighbours become fearful for the safety of their family, and the value of their property. They see all these odd looking folk, who visibly do not behave like normal people, that the gang stalkers have helpfully supplied. The gang stalkers then offer to buy their property at a discount before the value falls any further, and some of the neighbours leap at the chance to sell up and move away. Arson may also be used for persuasive effect. Firefighters are recruited to gang stalking for a reason.

Having bought the neighbouring properties at a discount the gang stalkers proceed to renovate and upgrade to maximise the profit.

Everywhere I have lived since my gang stalking started when I was a student at Ulster University in the 1970s, neighbours sold up and moved away and their houses were immediately renovated, often extended.  And many of the places where I lived were also refurbished, most often cheap bed sits to expensive flats. In Spring Grove, in Harrogate where I have been living for the past year, several houses have changed ownership and been converted from multiple-occupancy to Bed and Breakfast hotels. And renovations are going on in a house at the back.

And this would account for the range of heinous crimes the Target Bait is accused of. Prostitute – attracts lots of sex perverts. Drug dealer – attracts lots of criminal and possibly deranged people who might mug you for money for drugs. Paedophile – this will terrify you if you have children. Terrorist – a dangerous killer. Maybe there will be a shoot out with the police at a later date. Schizophrenic – a nutter. Can’t be reasoned with, might attack without warning. What home owner wouldn’t be persuaded to sell at a “reasonable” price if they thought such a person had moved in nearby.

Further, when my mother passed away two years ago, my sister and I were subject to a scam when we sold my mothers house, a loss of approximately £20k.