Gang stalkers gaslighting – how it works

Divide and control


manipulation of communications and lies

cognitive dissonance

displacement and scapegoating


The gang stalking controller manipulates everybody. The methods used in the gang stalking game are evolved out of police methods for dealing with criminals, but instead being used against the law abiding. In the case of the police dealing with a target criminal, due to criminals expertise in eluding the law, the police developed the tactic of identifying the criminal’s associates – lover, friend, family, social circle and so on, and in order to trap the criminal, encircle him by exerting pressure on those close to him. In this way disrupting the criminal’s social support, isolating him, and by breathing down the neck of his associates, alienating them from giving support.

Somewhere along the line some clever person worked out the same techniques could be even more profitably directed against the law abiding. Profitably because an expertise of criminals is either hiding their ill-gotten gains, or squandering them immediately, so you may catch the criminal but getting hold of his assets is another game entirely. Whereas law-abiding people’s resources can be plainly identified by the associated legitimate paper work. And law abiding people spend most of their waking hours in building up substantial assets, such as buying a home or savings or a pension. Someone who has worked for thirty years and longer is likely to be worth pillaging.

The game starts with the selection of the faux criminal, the central character of the octopus like con. This person is Bait, to snare the gang stalking recruits into the gang stalking cult, within which they will be enslaved and stripped of all their legitimately earned resources. Any con artist cult has the main problem of getting people to join. It is standard cult practice, therefore, to recruit under a false flag. The gang stalking con is selecting an ordinary, non-criminal, member of the public, and then follow up all their social contacts with the invention that that person is a heinous criminal, and the potential recruit is needed to help with surveillance. Your country needs you!

The selection process requires that the Bait, not be a criminal, because for the con to run it requires someone who won’t commit a crime and be sent to jail – that would end the game prematurely. Also a person who was actually dangerous, a real criminal, or a real mentally disturbed person might react violently against his stalkers and this would also finish the game prematurely before the assets had been accessed. Also the Bait cannot be an innately frightening person, as when people are frightened it focuses their attention on the situation. The manipulating controllers cannot afford for their target recruits to think.

The potential gang stalking recruits are the ones being duped, and their prejudices will have been assessed to push their buttons. Middle class people have a smug sense of their own superiority to working class people. Their self-image includes that they alone are honest, trustworthy, have a work ethic, are moral, and are intelligent, well-educated and cultured. They often deny the existence of these qualities in working class people and when they see them, feel threatened by them. Their stereotypes of working class people include laziness, immorality, dishonesty, slovenliness, criminality, fecklessness, and so forth. They are inclined to conflate working class with criminal class.

So there are two sides to the selection process of the Bait. For practical reasons they must be law-abiding, mentally balanced and unlikely to be violent, and innately non-threatening. They must also be people who have limited means to protect themselves from the persecution they will be subjected to. And they must be people that when lies are told about them asserting that they are criminals, those lies will be believed. The Bait are therefore mainly selected from working class and ethnic women, gay men, and people with mental disorders or lower intelligence, who will be least likely to retaliate violently.

Once the gang stalker controllers have selected their Bait, and recruited everyone the Bait has any contact with, they start to play the gang stalker recruits against the Bait. The recruits have only been recruited because they believe the Bait is really a criminal. Cognitive dissonance is exploited here. What is most likely true – that a higher status professional in law enforcement is conning you, or that that low status person, who in your view already is a member of the criminal strata of society, is a criminal? Ordinary, law-abiding people have next to no experience of criminals or police/spies. They respect authority and suppose that police/secret services are there to protect them and to catch criminals. The recruited gang stalkers origins tend to be relatively lower class themselves, although higher than the Bait. They predominantly come from working class or lower middle-class people who have made good. They have been financially successful, often against the odds, but they lack the social rank, and the social knowledge of the higher social classes, which could protect them.

The next problem for the gang stalking controllers is to keep the stalkers convinced of the lie that the Bait is a criminal, when they are not, and are also most often a very inoffensive person. This is where gaslighting is employed. Gaslighting is the tactic of committing a criminal, anti-social or immoral act, and then manipulating the situation to make it look as if your Target was responsible. For instance, the Baits landlord has been told the bait is a criminal, but the Target never does anything wrong. So it is arranged that someone enters the bait’s accommodation when the bait is out, and vandalises the property, or leaves filth. This provides confirming evidence that the Bait is a feckless, anti-social person who does not conform to normal behaviour. If the Bait has a job, their work equipment will be vandalised. The Target Bait, meanwhile, will be continuously harassed to try and get them to act out. Someone will be in the vicinity with a camera to make a record of this. This will be used as “evidence” that the bait is violent and/or mentally unstable.

Some Target Baits have expressed bewilderment at the hatred which gang stalkers express towards them. But the stalkers have been captured. They believe it is because of the bait, that their lives have been ruined. In fact it is the con artist controllers who have ruined their lives, but they are higher status and untouchable. Meanwhile the stalkers can harass the Bait to their hearts content. Gaslighting. The controllers are the problem, but the Target Bait gets the blame – the resentment is deflected onto the Bait who are made scapegoats for the controllers acts.