Gang stalking – life sabotage and white collar crime

People not being gang stalked must think Targeted Individuals are a load of hyper-sensitive whingers, who imagine that the common annoyances of 21st century life that affect everybody, is a conspiracy to annoy them. What they overlook is that the entire field of the Target’s experience has been effectively completely land-mined, so whatever direction they go, they experience aggravation or run into trouble.

Common sense advises walk away from trouble, avoid danger-prone situations, always keep the rules, and with a bit of intelligence and foresight problems can be avoided.

Keep the rules – then the authorities have no reason to take an interest in you, and other people are not annoyed and so retaliate. This does not work if you are a Target . You kept the rules, but the authorities decided to meddle with your life anyway. You did nothing to offend anyone else, but other people go out of their way to give you grief. But agreed. This is not a unique experience for TIs. There have always been groups and individuals in society who have been subjected to unprovoked persecution from their communities. Jews, blacks, the poor, old people living on their own, the village idiot. But in the civilised, urbanised West we thought we had outgrown the bigoted gratuitous savagery of small-minded peasants, to a tolerance, respect and compassion for all people. Fairness. Evidently, those who manage gang stalking reject civilised values and respect for law in favour of tribalism, bigotry, and random persecution of the undeserving. The traditional methods of corrupt governments to divert the social tensions they cause onto scapegoats.

Working class people adapted various strategies for living effectively, safely and sometimes successfully in a society which denied them any advantages and left them with no safety margin. Close to subsistence in earnings, thrift and conservation of resources become second nature. Possessions are treated with care as they are too expensive to replace. These values, respect for possessions and other people’s property are instilled in the young. I can still remember my parents harping on about looking after my clothes and being careful with any equipment I used with the refrain, if you break it we cannot fix it and we can’t afford to replace it.

Gang stalkers vandalise the Target’s property, spoiling clothes with tears or stains, damaging electrical equipment. For years before I knew I was being gang stalked I was baffled why new electrical items would stop working within a short time of purchase. Items that were highly reliable and would not break down with normal use. An oil-fired radiator. A steam cleaner. A washing machine. An iron. An essential part going missing from a new vacuum cleaner.

My late husband who loved classical music spent a long time researching what hi-fi system to buy, looking at cost, performance and reliability. Within a few months of purchase the radio tuner became mal-functioning, and the CD slot stopped working. We were both completely baffled. There were no children in the household to give a normal explanation for the wrecking. He had gone to a lot of trouble to buy a highly reliable item and paid a premium for it. He then had the ongoing nuisance of getting these ongoing problems fixed, gave up listening to the radio out of frustration, and reduced to a minimum the amount of time he listened to music as the aggravation wasn’t worth it. Is it too much to ask, after you have finished a day’s work, you return to a shoe-box located by a noisy road, surrounded by inconsiderate, noisy neighbours, to listen to high quality music on a sound system you have legitimately bought out of honest earnings? What is the excuse for meddling in anyone’s private life in this way? And by the way, if you think, that’s OK, poor people live like that, we weren’t poor. We were two working adults, no dependents, no debts, our joint annual income was £45k plus, and were it not for living in shit-hole London, we would have had a decent quality of life (trapped by my husbands work).

To give an idea of the cost and comparative quality of life in London, against other areas, our rent on a bed-sit converted to flat by putting a wall down the middle, beside a main artery into London, where the traffic was non-stop, 24/7, in a not-nice area, with horrible, noisy, anti-social neighbours, whom the landlord liked because Housing Benefit was paying the rent and he could get £1,000 a month from them, was £635pm. A relative of my late husband in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, one of the most upmarket towns in England, was paying the same amount for her mortgage on a three-bed semi-detached house, with gardens front and back and garage, in a cul-de-sac, in a nice area.


At work, the amount of kitchen equipment that broke down, or developed mal-functions over a 17 year period, is too numerous to mention. When the old, but highly reliable gas oven was replaced, somebody stole one of the shelves, leaving me with only one shelf to cook on. As the oven was of unusual dimensions the shelf couldn’t be replaced. Although the oven was new it had the unusual fault that the gas would somehow turn itself off, turning off the flame, then restart. I would return to find uncooked food, but gassed through, just as the customers were lining up. I would stock the freezer with supplies for the week ahead to find someone had left the door slightly open, even though there was no reason for anyone else to go near the freezer.   Wheels on postmen’s trollies are the area where faults most often develop. The frame on my trolley broke, the only instance of that occurring in the office.

At my husbands work, they would get streams of awkward customers, but as neither my late husband or his boss were the forelock tugging variety, they were given short shrift so that problem abated.

The aggravation is ongoing and affects every area of your life. Life-sabotage. Equipment being vandalised at work is an expense to your employer, undermines your work efficiency, and makes you look like a feckless nutter who can’t look after equipment. Damage to personal property is an ongoing nuisance and destroys the service the equipment was supposed to provide. If you take all your damaged equipment back to the shop you are developing a reputation as a nuisance customer who habitually wrecks equipment. If not you are left with non-working junk which you have to dispose of, or malfunctioning equipment which is frustrating to use, or go to the trouble and expense of buying a new item – and the same thing might happen again.

Plainly such activities serve no National Security purpose. So it must have another purpose.

Thirty-five years ago my first boyfriend was conned out of £40,000.  Previous landlords were afflicted with criminal tenants, welfare fraudsters, prostitutes, noise pests, and ended up losing their houses. Other people connected to my husband or myself lost their businesses and homes. My sister and I lost thousands of pounds in the sale of our late mother’s house due to a housing scam. There are signs to suggest that I am being targeted for Identity Theft. And these are just the things I know about. In addition, there are signs that the history of myself and husband and family are being re-written.  Records are being changed. The house sales which occurred in Glenhugh Park, Ahoghill, where three sellers sold their properties approximately £20,000 below their market value – there exists no record on the net that ANY sales took place, nor any record of what prices the houses were sold for. So you have people who can carry out a housing scam, then conceal the evidence. I noticed while researching that my late mothers house was up for sale. I checked the site as I was curious about the asking price. I got a message saying the post had been removed.

No, gang stalking has got nothing to do with National Security. It has plenty to do with white-collar crime.

But why vilify the victims?  To conceal the real crime. It is in part distraction, like a magicians sleight of hand. Like gypsies distraction pick-pocketing and thefts. Create a sea of confusion and while everyone’s attention is focused on non-existent bogey-men, and the bizarre events attached to gang-stalking, make off with the loot. Everyone is looking in the wrong direction. The Target has already had the guilt for the crime they have nothing  to do with, attributed to them. People feel they need look no further. The Target is the fall guy.