The Purpose of Gang Stalking

Gang stalking doesn’t make sense. That is what makes the gang stalker controllers lies credible. It doesn’t make sense that a law-abiding person should have the entire apparatus of the state directed at them for no reason. Therefore, that person must be what the gang stalking controllers say they are – a dangerous criminal.   If a person thinks that the entire apparatus of the state is directed at  them, when they are a law-abiding person, the reasonable explanation is that that person is delusional. People go with common sense and the Liars win.

I propose that we are looking at gang stalking the wrong way.

Say, for the sake of argument, we have people in powerful positions in society whose objective is to take ALL the power and ALL the wealth in society to themselves. Perhaps people with a feudal overlord mind-set who take the view that everyone not of their social class are slaves and all our assets belong to them as of right.  How do they circumvent our laws and rights as citizens to seize control of our persons, take our resources and infiltrate and control every institution in society, so that all those institutions primarily serve their own elite group, and resources are withheld from all citizens/slaves not in their service?

Two very effective instruments of the state are the police and the security services. But they are limited in snooping into people’s lives who are not criminals. The majority of the populace are law abiding and might go their whole lives without any interaction with the police. But it is the general populace who collectively own a huge amount of personal wealth, especially the middle class.  How do you access them?

Gang stalking.

Gangstalking is a sting and the targets are the recruits.

Someone is chosen as Bait. Middle class people fear competition from working class people so it is comforting for them to believe that a working class person is, despite normal appearance, a criminal after all.

A large part of the male populace are chronically hunting for sex. Working class women are lower status to them so they think they should be available, but they are not, because of their moral values. So tell them that woman is a prostitute and they are happy to believe it. It means she is sexually available after all.

The majority of  Targeted Individuals are working class women, including women of colour.

The gang stalking Controllers lies go with prevailing desires and prejudices, so they are believed.

But it is not about the Bait. The Target being an ordinary, law-abiding person only associates with ordinary law-abiding people, many middle-class. Through the lies told about the Target Bait, the mass of law-abiding working and middle class people can be accessed. The police/security services now have a seeming “legitimate” reason to access people who would normally have nothing to do with the authorities.  The lie that the Bait is a serious criminal is how the normal populace can be accessed. It is among the large working and middle class populace where a large amount of society’s wealth lies. Many ordinary people own homes, run businesses, have savings, and unlike criminals who spend their wealth as soon as they obtain it or are expert at hiding it, the wealth of ordinary citizens for the authorities, is easy to identify, especially when they have recruited people in banks (and the HMRC?)

Recruited to deal with “the dangerous criminal” they are now under control, their work places and businesses can be infiltrated, and over time separated from their wealth.

Who are they going to complain to. The police?