Some questions that need answers

One can just about accept that the job of the spy requires lies – providing the situation is the serious one of protecting the nation from an enemy nation. In this context espionage is the lesser evil. The work of the spy can prevent warfare and save lives.

However, when the state spies target their own citizens, people who are not lawbreakers and in no sense an enemy, clearly something is amiss. Along the same lines of the police abandoning their role of acting against criminals and targeting the law-abiding instead.

When this happens and citizens are treated as the enemy, when the law-abiding are treated as criminals, citizens are faced with a very serious problem. When the state becomes your enemy, what are you supposed to do? 

In the West we are in the habit of talking blithely about “broken  countries” and “rogue nations” with the smug superiority of the civilised against the alternative despotic anarchy of the third world. Meanwhile our leaders have adopted the determined policy of dismantling our borders and with various inducements, inviting 3rd world anarchy in, while demanding our acquiescence.  The corruption that is commonplace outside the West will soon be our experience too. 

This is not what we elected our representatives for. Whoever they are representing, it is not the voters. Not even the migrants who hoped to leave anarchy behind and come to a civilised place. How has it come about that our leaders have betrayed their trust, and now are acting as if they are the enemy of the people? Why are they systematically dismantling our civilisation? Who are they working for and what is the end objective?