Which social class scores a consistent A plus for insult and patronage?

And bullying?

Gang stalking targets are subjected to patronage, insult and bullying at every turn.

I wonder if there is a connection?



Explaining the game: when people press your buttons, they don’t have your interests at heart.

Citizens, not serfs

It is the application of the DIVIDE AND RULE strategy.

The manipulators don’t want people with allied interests to get together, compare notes, and unite against the real cause of their problems.

Often disaffected groups have the clearest idea about what is amiss. They also, each, have their pet prejudices. When it looks as if the different disaffected groups are likely to get together, or individuals among them look as if they are about to create cross-linkages, the manipulators step in with “a word in your ear”.

The following are a short list, by no means complete, of standard buttons/prejudices, the manipulators will press to make an individual of a particular disaffected group close-down, when meeting another with allied concerns.


Socialist/communist       The stranger reads the Daily Mail, supports Israel, is against Gay Marriage and migration. Supports UKIP.


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Stasi and Gang Stalking Similarities. Coincidence?




It seems that the Stasi and the programs of Gang Stalking have much in common. Below, I have listed some of which has made up the Stasi program from the past. It was amazing to find that the Stasi’s agenda from past history has been mirrored in the lives of today’s Targeted Individuals who suffer the terroristic threat of gang stalking. Is it really a coincidence that they both seem as if they are one and the same?

Note: *Anything read below in regards to the Stasi is an almost exact epitomy of the Gang Stalking program of today.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stasi for more detailed information on the programs of the Stasi.

The Stasi, as follows:

1. Spied on the population,
mainly through a vast
network of citizens
turned informants

2. Used overt and covert methods of attack

3. Used psychological warfare/psychological destruction of their dissidents

4. Espionage

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What do you call people who fight the wrong enemy?

And a prime category – gang stalking recruits!

Citizens, not serfs


The point of the divide and rule strategy. That is one of the points of mass migration, Muslims, gypsies, etc. They are a stick to beat the indigenous population with, they are visible, among us, and the invisible hand which arranged the situation is hidden.

My advice? They are a red herring, forget them. Concentrate on identifying and rooting out the real enemy.

Unless you want to be played for fools all your life.

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Gang stalkers don’t just trash lives, they trash values.

And these are the values, gang stalkers, hold in contempt:

1.     Family

Gang stalkers meddle with family relationships, spreading lies, manufacturing distrust, forcing betrayal. Remember the film “Sophie’s Choice”?  Gang stalkers expect total obedience from their recruits. Expect to be forced to betray those closest to you – your parents and children, husband or wife.

2.      Love – intimacy

Gang stalkers meddle with and disrupt intimate relationships, sabotaging successful relationships where the partners love each other. The less faithful partner will be lured away, and when the relationship has been broken, dumped. Lies will be told to the partner most likely to believe them, about the other – that that person has been unfaithful or engaged in reprehensible sexual practices.

3.       Love -pets

Gangstalkers torture and/or kill pets.

4.       Professional pride and honesty

Many people take great satisfaction in a job well done. Their job satisfaction and self-respect causes them to strive to provide a high quality in the work they do,   providing an honest and professional service.  Gang stalkers demand their recruits put their professional standards aside, denying service or deliberately providing bad service. Medical staff may be required to give wrong diagnosis and provide wrong treatment. Office workers responsible for confidential records will be required to betray confidentiality.  Recruits will be forced to lie to cover their actions, and justify their actions by lying about other people.

5.      Moral and religious values

Most normal, sane people have an internal value structure of moral and/or religious values. Gang stalking recruits over time will be forced to abandon these values. Recruits will be forced to carry out acts which they know to be immoral, and they will be forced to abandon their religious values. Those who control gang stalking recruits expect total obedience, total commitment. They do not tolerate any affiliation, to a person, or value, above obedience to themselves.

6.       Honest reward for honest labour

This is something gang stalking controllers hold in contempt. First they will strip their recruits of all their resources, honestly earned, to make them dependent. Then they will expect the recruits to work as and when required for whatever reward the controllers see fit to give. A person’s career, and savings, allows the person independence, and that is not tolerated. In addition, the resources given to the recruits to survive, are known to the recruits to have been stolen. Gang stalkers have contempt for honest work as it gives people status, the means to autonomous life and self-respect. It is not the intention of the Controllers that their recruits should have any means to independence, or the ability to obtain any reward the Controllers do not allow.

7.       Sanity

Taking away every support from their recruits and making the recruits totally dependent for survival on the whim of the Controllers, and forcing the recruits to carry out criminal and immoral acts, can also strip the recruit of their sanity. They are put in a no-win situation where no alternative order is presented except the deliberately arbitrary whim of their Controllers.  This is intentional, to totally destroy the recruits ability to resist. A sane person has values and a foundation of sanity which can enable them to resist or fight back or try to escape. In the end the recruit becomes a totally pliable puppet, with no effective personality of their own, simply a tool to carry out the Controllers orders.



The values that the gang stalking controllers despise and set out to annihilate are, family values, love, honesty, trust, decency, law-abiding ness, morality, autonomy, self-respect, religious, professional ethics, truth, work ethics and sanity. Their only use for people is as slaves.

They corrupt everything they touch.


Predictive fiction – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Citizens, not serfs

The early days of television were a wonder. I sat with my father and watched American Westerns, Laramie, The Virginian, Bonanza, with awe. I followed my father’s interests and watched The Baron and The Saint, but I didn’t notice The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  until I heard my Dad laughing and came in to see what he was laughing at. An action scene featuring Ilya Kuraykin. From then on I was hooked. At school all the girls were swept away by U.N.C.L.E. And there was intense rivalry between the fans of Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin. Napoleon was too smooth to my liking, but Ilya’s low key charm was entrancing. It is the quiet ones who are interesting. Ilya was my first crush.

Just recently I wondered if The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Was worth revisiting and I looked up Wikipedia. At the time I had watched it I had never noticed…

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A credible gang stalking site disappears from the net

Citizens, not serfs

Expose Gang Stalking – Blog – Webs
Expose Gang Stalking – Blog – … One more thing, … I would like to remind the community that I am in grave danger for exposing this protocol.


Last year I came across an excellent site on gang stalking. It was a recent site but had recently gone “silent”, that is, despite being very active, activity had suddenly ceased. The way the site was set up there was no way to copy by re-blogging. Some sites like this I photocopy to keep a record, but in this particular case I didn’t. Gangstalkingexposed is one of the sites I have always recommended.

The site came up in conversation and I went to have another look. It wasn’t listed on Google. I tried Duckduckgo. No listing there either. I used other search engines and found it listed on Webcrawler and Dogpile. The listing…

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