A credible gang stalking site disappears from the net

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Expose Gang Stalking – Blog – … One more thing, … I would like to remind the community that I am in grave danger for exposing this protocol.


Last year I came across an excellent site on gang stalking. It was a recent site but had recently gone “silent”, that is, despite being very active, activity had suddenly ceased. The way the site was set up there was no way to copy by re-blogging. Some sites like this I photocopy to keep a record, but in this particular case I didn’t. Gangstalkingexposed is one of the sites I have always recommended.

The site came up in conversation and I went to have another look. It wasn’t listed on Google. I tried Duckduckgo. No listing there either. I used other search engines and found it listed on Webcrawler and Dogpile. The listing…

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