Explaining the game: when people press your buttons, they don’t have your interests at heart.

Citizens, not serfs

It is the application of the DIVIDE AND RULE strategy.

The manipulators don’t want people with allied interests to get together, compare notes, and unite against the real cause of their problems.

Often disaffected groups have the clearest idea about what is amiss. They also, each, have their pet prejudices. When it looks as if the different disaffected groups are likely to get together, or individuals among them look as if they are about to create cross-linkages, the manipulators step in with “a word in your ear”.

The following are a short list, by no means complete, of standard buttons/prejudices, the manipulators will press to make an individual of a particular disaffected group close-down, when meeting another with allied concerns.


Socialist/communist       The stranger reads the Daily Mail, supports Israel, is against Gay Marriage and migration. Supports UKIP.


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