Gang stalking makes perfect sense

– If you assume that gang stalking is a criminal racket.


Firstly, the main categories of people chosen as gang stalking targets are working class and ethnic women (70 percent); most males are homosexual and ethnic groups; people with minor mental impairments; whistleblowers and successful working or lower middle class “upright” men with protector characteristics.


Women are targeted because they are soft targets and have less social support. The objective is sexual exploitation. What the women are subjected to could be a preparation to forcibly recruit them into prostitution. In the meantime intrusive surveillance provides pornographic material for sale and to provide ” evidence” that the woman is a prostitute when she is not. Women as prostitutes can be used to frame and provide blackmail material for higher class, more lucrative targets, who might also hold influential positions in society, who will then end up under the gang stalkers control. In the process it also keeps working class women oppressed. Also used as bait to recruit middle class people into gang stalking, who can then be exploited.

Older people, especially women – to steal their savings and inheritances.

The children of gang stalking recruits will be used to frame people as paedophiles.


Similar to women, a group that can be sexually exploited for many purposes. Again intrusive surveillance provides sexual material for sale, revelations of which can be used to terminate the man’s standard professional career. Once coerced into recruitment, a male prostitute can be used to infiltrate, blackmail and defame other lucrative and/or socially powerful targets. Both prostitutes and gay men can be used to stigmatise Targeted Individuals by association, by hanging around in their vicinity. Pre-recruitment staging for the Target. It also serves to keep gay men ” in their place”.


More soft targets. Very easy to steal their resources and render them helpless and dependent. They can be used to frame other targets with the stigma of mental illness by being seen in the vicinity of the Target. Such people are mostly harmless, but their slightly off-key social responses or appearance make people wary.


Self-explanatory. To discredit and silence.


Lucrative targets for stealing their businesses, homes, and savings. Denies them any possible political or social power on the basis of their achievement. Removes protectors of women and other vulnerable groups which gang stalkers target for exploitation.

All these groups, including the last, include ethnic groups. A major factor in targeting all these categories is not only to exploit and rob but also to “keep people in their place”.





The Purpose of Mimicry is to Discredit

The tactic of mimicry occurs in two areas. In real life and on the internet.

I will confine my examples to my own experience. Other Targets will have their own experiences which can amplify these tactics in practice.


Appearance is a strong conditioner of attitude. We say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People do judge on appearances even if they don’t want to. It is an almost automatic process. We tend to grant credibility or withold it from people on the basis of their appearance. Men automatically have more credibility and social stature than women for no other reason than they are men. It is very difficult for a man to be classed as disreputable on the basis of his appearance. Sadly, coloured groups are the exception to this generalisation.

Judgement of women based on their appearance is less straightforward. On the one hand a woman who dresses like a tart is viewed as a tart. But a woman who dresses down in any sense is viewed as psychologically suspect. Higher class women can dress like tarts all the time and be admired for it and not treated as if they are. All other women are engaged in a balancing act between trying to dress as a woman, but not so much that in their particular context they will increase abuse or justify attackers, and dress demurely, but not so much that they are viewed as odd. For women context is vital for gauging their presentation correctly. Dress codes in towns are more tarty than in the country, where for practical and other reasons androgynous is often normal. Dress codes in cities can be extremely liberal, where very tarty is indulged and frumpy is invisible.

In an almost childish way we would all like criminals to dress as criminals, so we can identify them. I personally would like all spies to be legally compelled to wear a large sign on their head with SPY written on it, so everyone can see them coming and take cover. But alas, life is not fiction.

So appearance carries a lot of weight and is therefore a focus of gang stalkers manipulation tactics.

In my particular case I am country born and raised. I also come from a part of the world where the men were very abusive to women on the basis of their appearance. So women androgynised their appearance to avoid abuse. But coming from the country you tend to not judge people on their appearance – their clothes, unlike town and city people.  You look at the person not the presentation.

I also lived in London for twenty years where it is common sense to not advertise to muggers by dressing smartly. (My husband was mugged 5 times while living in a London).

In order for the gang stalkers to discredit me on the basis of my appearance, which is normal for this rural area, and understood as such, they must suggest to others that my appearance is associated with abnormal social behaviours. By mimicking my appearance closely, and I must presume when out of my sight engaging in abnormal and anti-social behaviour, they can create the association in the minds of others, that I am not a normal person.


The other area where gang stalkers use mimicry is on the net. Over time when you use the net you build up a kind of profile of your character, values and responses. Naturally, when you have a message which you want to convey in a credible manner, you will seek to do so honestly, objectively, and with the minimum of ambiguity, equivocation and grey areas, which can be used to confuse, manipulate, trick and deceive your audience.

I must have been building up a credible net profile because I have noticed the following net tactics being used in my net vicinity.

1. The use of a similar name, where the person is arrogant and patronising. They also talk a lot of waffle.

2. Copying of verbal techniques. I very occasionally use Bible quotes where they are most relevant. Bible quotes, which are blatantly irrelevant to the context are appearing.

3. I have put my particular personal circumstances on-line to give people a context for what is happening. People are now presenting similar circumstances.

This looks to me like subtle groundwork which will be built on. The intention to dilute my identity by confusing it with other people who seem to be similar ( mimicry again); to attach a conditioned deafness (see a Bible quote – switch off now, she talks nonsense); and slyly inserted trigger words to plant suspicion.

All part of the discrediting game.



Gang stalking. Countering the counter.

Gang stalkers are annoyingly adaptive. One of their techniques is to back up their lies and slander by staging the “evidence”.  If they have spread the lie that you are a prostitute, they will put women dressed like prostitutes in your vicinity. If they  lie that you are gay, they put people who look homosexual near you, and so on.

When my late husband and I were priced out of  London we were both relieved to move to a small rural town up North.  Unlike London, we both felt very comfortable here. The people were like ourselves, rural, polite and considerate. Unlike London the dress code is demure, not flash nor tarty. I felt comfortable here and fitted in.

But this did not suit my stalkers who needed to provide the appearance that their lies about me were true, or even believable. Over the last year the following sequence of events occurred. The stalkers trying to frame perceptions. My attempts to make their framing look nonsense. And how they countered.

1.  Evidently they wished to make believe that I was a prostitute. This is difficult because of my normal dress-down appearance, no make-up, elderly etc.

Young women very scantily dressed in cheerfully bright clothing started popping up in the neighbouring residential street.  Obviously their appearance could not create any association with me, elderly, dowdy. They just looked strikingly out of place. That didn’t last long.

2.  The next was rather funny. This area is posh. Principally middle class professionals and retired middle class. Suddenly everywhere I went there were tramps, down-and-outs in my vicinity. Again, they looked odd. I didn’t because the normal dress code for retired people is relaxed to frumpy, but they looked very out of place.

3. The gang stalkers problem was to find a stigmatised and criminal group that I might credibly belong to. So their next idea was rather clever. Now when I went out people dressed like gypsies kept turning up in my vicinity. The nasty side of this was some of these were children.

Now  I was annoyed. Not helped when a member of staff in the nearest supermarket engaged me in conversation about a story in the press about gypsies kidnapping children. I have always avoided children as I don’t like them much. Now my child-avoidance has gone into hyper-drive. I gave up blogging at the library to avoid the situation of children coming and sitting beside me on the computer, even though there were many other free places. Then someone moved a child into the bedsit next door.

Manufacturing appearances. Now I had to put a spanner in the works somehow, but I did not wish to change my appearance much. As my husband had passed away last year I was free to do anything I wanted. I decided to do something with my hair. It has always been a problem, being fine and uncontrollable. When I was 16 and shoulder length hair was the norm for women, the crew cut was invented for men. I had really wanted a crew cut, but that would have been really outlandish at the time. This was years before punks or skinheads. Also I have always had trouble getting a decent hair cut. The best person who cut my hair was the barber my husband went to in London. But in Harrogate the barbers refused to cut my hair and I wasn’t prepared to pay £25 for a bad hair cut that would only last a few weeks.

So I got a hair trimmer and gave myself a crew cut. I love it. Wish I’d done it years ago. No more problem hair. It always looks tidy. And for £16, I need never go to a hairdresser again.

And it caused the gang stalkers problems. Whoever heard of a female skin-head gypsy? Well, it caused confusion for a time. But now the gang stalkers have countered. Every time I go out I am surrounded by a huge number of very short haired men and bald eggs. No bald women so far.

They have decided to stay with the gypsy theme as there is no other way they can use my appearance against me. But they have added refinements. This is a very low crime area.  But gypsies are causing outrageous problems in nearby towns making the newspapers. It puts gypsies in the forefront of people’s consciousness, generating fear and distrust. The gypsies appearing in my vicinity are now clearly real East European gypsies. There has been a noticeable increase in the short haired men with a very macho and intimidating demeanour.  Their hair cuts are close copies of my own.  I think they are now countering by spreading the rumour that I am mentally unbalanced, as a means of explaining my short hair. And using an aspect of my appearance I can’t do anything about. I look young for my age, a family trait. I am in my sixties but look barely 50.  So that makes me look like a liar in claiming to be myself. As I am not a gypsy,  persuading people that I am can only have the purpose of Identity Theft. Actually stealing my identity by making out I am somebody else pretending to be me. Along with this I believe they are playing the mentally unbalanced theme.

Can you see where this is leading?  That poor gypsy woman. She is insane. She stole someone else’s identity and now she thinks she is the person whose identity she stole. But don’t put her in prison. She is ill. Put her in a mental asylum. (Oh, and take her money from her. It is not hers).


I have to say at this point I have run out of ideas. I can only control my own behaviour, not the behaviour of everyone on the planet. I am very against crime. But there doesn’t appear to be any institution in the country which can be relied on to act against criminals, otherwise this wouldn’t be happening. My problem is only part of a much bigger problem. Where can law-abiding people look for protection living under a criminal state?

My one consolation is that as I am old, the next stop is death anyway.


Gang stalkers covering their tracks

Gang stalkers are annoyingly adaptive. If you work out a counter to one of their tactics they just work out a counter to your counter.

A sign that something is wrong can be when a very credible gang stalking site goes silent or starts spouting nonsense. Especially when attention has been drawn to the site. So what counter would gang stalkers devise to cover their tracks?  I know. They revive the site, only now it is being played by them. Who’s to know?


Why I became a target of gang stalkers

If this account is read alongside the article “Why rulers make allies of criminals” on Citizens, not serfs, it will be more readily understandable.

1.  I only discovered ” gang stalking” last year. I realised I had been gang stalked since attending University in 1976.

2.  Many Targeted Individuals are mystified as to why they have been chosen for this orchestrated community abuse.  The following gives the reasons I believe I was targeted.

3.  My gang stalking started when I was a student at Ulster University ( Coleraine Campus), studying Philosophy/Sociology. My A Level grades would have got me into a much higher rated University. The Headmistress, Miss Savage had suggested I stay on at Belfast Royal Academy to prepare for the Ox/Cam entry exam, but I was not interested. I had virtually no social ambition higher than obtaining a “good” job. I wanted to be close to my parents and having been raised in the countryside, liked the setting of the University in the fields of the wind-swept north coast. I looked forward to several years of quiet study in a peaceful rural backwater, far from the noise and crime of cities. My expectations turned out to be unreasonable.

4. The first odd event was a policeman with an English accent going out of his way to become acquainted, initially through a complaint that my flat mate had parked in the wrong place.  Some time later this was followed by introductions to members of  University staff who were communists or had Republican leanings. They also were English. I was subjected to a wide range of very hostile, including dangerous, gang stalking tactics and I was rejected for studying an MA before taking my final exams. I had been getting high grades up to then.


1. The majority of gang stalking targets are women. The estimated figure is 70 percent. The majority of men targeted are supposed to be homosexual, but also include whistleblowers, and successful lower-class men of  strong character and principles. Also categories of people with minor mental impairments. Where there is an ethnic mix, ethnics are major targets. That the majority of targets are women and homosexual men is suggestive. These are prime groups for sexual exploitation as prostitutes and can be used as tools by espionage agencies for infiltration and blackmail.

2. As a working class woman seeking education to increase my social status and access a good job, my behaviour was lifting myself out of a section of society who can be easily forced into prostitution. While at University I think it likely that among the lies told about me is that I was a prostitute, because strange men started hanging around my remote cottage, frightening the neighbours. This implies the objective of turning me into a prostitute as the community had already been made to believe that was the case. From the point of view of higher social ranks in society, as a working class woman, I was fair game.

3.  Later, when I lived in London with my husband, as a result of the surveillance I was subjected to, those observing me concluded (wrongly) that I had psychic gifts. Now I became targeted as an “asset”.  To uncover my capabilities my husband and I were manoeuvred into a multiple-occupancy address where they placed people with psychic abilities who harassed us. The principle appeared to be – attack her, and see what she can do about it. I was able to counter their attacks, but not because of psychic ability. Because I was a prayerwarrior I could nullify “magic”. My guess is this increased the  pressure to recruit me as with psychics as a weapon on one hand, and the antidote on the other, they would have had all bases covered. They infiltrated the only place they could get at me – my workplace. I realised if I could not avoid inevitable recruitment then I could not allow my gift to end up in their hands. I found a way of discarding my gift.

A disastrous consequence of their discovery of me is that they now know some religious people, prayer warriors have the gift of countering psychic abilities, which makes unsuspecting religious people targets for recruitment.

I no longer have my gift so I am a worthless recruit. In the circumstances it is in my interests to be as blabby and indiscreet as possible and to do everything I can to expose state corruption and their corrupt methods so that other unsuspecting people will not be duped into situations which will only be destructive for them.


1. My background was highly geographically and socially isolated. Both parents were country people. They were both very intelligent, as educated as possible for people of their social class and generation, and independent thinkers. They married late, both worked but were still poor, mainly because most of my father’s resources had been used to help support his mother’s family. I did not know any of my mother’s relatives as she was Australian. I take after my parents in values and independence.

Gang stalkers were not able to influence my parents as there was no peer group which they could infiltrate to get to them. I also, am so socially independent, it is difficult to get people close to me.

2. By sheer happenstance, I met and married a man who was very strong-minded, independent, had extensive social contacts (was an international sales manager at the height of his career before we met), stubborn and incorruptible.  We were both unaware that I was a target of gang stalking. Because of me, my husband and his family, friends, and professional associates also became targets. But my marriage to him protected me for twenty years until his death last year. Shortly after his death I found out about “gang stalking.


What if –

Accepting that our rulers are corrupt and engage in manipulative cons against the populace whom they view as their marks – a fairly safe assumption on the basis of their observable behaviour – what category of people in society would they prioritise to seek out and destroy OR absorb into their ranks?

What if – there are people in the populace with psychic gifts. People who can see at a distance, people who can read people’s minds or even influence their thoughts.

People who could figure out what the rulers are doing. Who could expose their crimes .

Wouldn’t evil rulers target these people above all ?


The Nanny Complex

One targeted Individual described the experience of being gang stalked as like being married to an abusive husband – except you never married one.

In my experience being gang stalked is like a return to childhood. On the one hand the stalkers invalidate you to the status of a non-person. You are excluded from all normal freely entered into social interactions with others. And standard institutions in place of outright refusing to deal with you are so obstructive and provide such a bad or hostile service, you soon decide to save yourself the bother. And then there is the other highlight of childhood. The unwanted intrusive company of irrational, inconsiderate, unpredictable people with the social graces of pigs. Gang stalkers behave like over-grown children.

Psychiatrists are forever inventing new psychological conditions. Well, I have a suggestion. Call it “the nanny complex”.  A dangerous pathological condition afflicting people in power, a sub-set of control-freakery. Victims of “the nanny complex” do not understand normal adult maturity. Their own minds have never matured beyond childhood so they think nobody elses  has either. As a consequence they are driven to treat everyone as children, prevent anyone from maturing beyond childhood,  take delight in all the obnoxious and mindless behaviours of children, and think everybody’s behaviour should be totally controlled. Ever watch a toddler trying to force a pet to do what it wants?

Clearly if such people get in power their pathology forced on a normal population will be tremendously destructive.

In the meantime, I, a working class female at the bottom of the social heap can enjoy the surreal entertainment of watching my middle-class “superiors” being played for fools and reverting to the childish behaviours of copying the clothing of the target of the day; engaging in silly conversations they do not understand; banging and clattering around like tots in a tantrum; slamming doors, stamping about and making as much noise as they can; deliberately vandalising and dirtying property; telling lies; not doing their job correctly, even though intelligent and highly trained; stealing; nosing into things they have no business in and moving other people’s private property about; contaminating food; leaving smells; littering; being cruel to pets; uprooting plants and cutting down trees; pretending to be people they are not; walking around in a mob; invading others personal space; talking loudly; deliberately getting their children to act in anti-social ways, encouraging them to scream loudly and often for no purpose; encourage their dogs to be aggressive; obsessive gardening;  and so on.

So much for middle-class values.

Well, that’s what they get for listening to their social “superiors”. Madness is clearly infectious.

Being gang stalked is like being forced back to childhood. Statusless, powerless  and surrounded by idiots.