Fish attacks bait. Hook catches fish.

Everybody knows how fishing works. Nobody expects to be the fish.

Consider this imaginary scenario. Imagine, for the sake of argument that the state wishes to completely control everyone of its citizens. That the state does not wish its people to be free and independent, in charge of their own lives and own their own resources that they have worked honestly for. That the state wishes to control everyone. Tell everyone what work they should do, what they should get paid, where and in what conditions they should live, and any surplus value they produce does not belong to them, but belongs to the state. In other words, everyone, except the ruling group, slaves.

How could the state get  control of a populace who are freedom-loving, independent, enterprising, who work hard to produce wealth which they hope to derive the benefits of? How do you get a free people under control?

Direct oppression will not work. The people will rebel and fight to retain their freedom. But an indirect approach, carried out in secret could be very successful.

Cults are the model here. Cults use a range of manipulative techniques to keep their recruits and keep them under control while they strip them of their resources and put them to work for no or low wages. The weak point for cults is recruiting people in the first place. They have to use deception to trick people into joining, but people are wary of cults, so cults recruitment is limited.

However, no such problem exists for the state, whose agents, whether police or security services are accorded unquestioning respect, especially by the middle classes.

Middle Eastern Muslims are volatile, hyper-sensitive about their religion and war-ready. Their form of warfare is generally guerrilla warfare. They are intensely tribal and xenophobic and are permanently on the look-out for excuses to justify attacking others.

In response to these facts, our Western governments have made a point of becoming embroiled in Middle Eastern conflicts, inciting Middle Eastern fanatics to view the West as legitimate targets. Terrorism has been fanned into a real danger. To help this along Western governments have encouraged and enabled immigration from these countries into the West, not even refusing to accept known terrorists and terrorist-affiliates wanted for terrorist crimes by other countries. The prime example is Londonistan.

Our governments then lose no opportunity to advertise the dangers of terrorism on the mainstream media, when despite their best efforts, the risks of dying from a terrorist attack are very low. To deal with terrorism all citizens must now be treated as if they were terrorist suspects, and the populace is no longer treated as citizens but potential criminals.

This is how the situation had been “framed” and it has not happened by accident.

Back to our free citizens which the govt want to completely control.

Against this background of the generated and exaggerated terrorist threat, an apparently high-ranking police or security services man approaches a completely law-abiding middle class citizen. That citizen is told that their new tenant/bank customer/retail customer/employee/neighbour/library user/patient is a terrorist under surveillance by the state, and would they be willing to co-operate? The middle classes trust authority and have nothing to do with criminal behaviour or criminals themselves, and they trust authority. Remember cult recruitment? Why should they believe that a person representing authority should lie to them. Also, the person they were told is a terrorist is plainly working class/ethnic/homosexual, not middle class like them, so quite possibly an associate of a criminal group.

Snap!  They’ve taken the bait.

No normal person would choose to join the Mafia, the IRA nor any other type of gangster. But joining or being affiliated to the security services in any way has this in common. It is an awful lot easier to join than to leave, and don’t think of criticising your employer.

It’s all lies of course. Classic cult recruitment with the perfect recruiter. Who is going to refuse the security services. The Bait, the faux-terrorist was just an innocent member of the public, perhaps even chosen at random from any lower-class group which is stigmatised with low social credibility.

One Target Bait being used to recruit absolutely everyone they have any social interaction with at all, can be used to recruit hundreds of unsuspecting people, who after recruitment will find their lives and all their resources are now at the service of the state.

Without any public fanfare, without any public attention to the situation at all – apparently any mention of gang stalking is verboten to the mainstream media – large sections of society are conscripted into state servitude. Of course any discussion of gang stalking in the media would reveal for every single gang stalking target there will be at least one hundred ordinary citizens under direct orders from the state. And those orders include never ever admitting who you are working for.