Noise Harassment – gang stalking speciality

When you moved into your flat, the other neighbours in your house were normal people. You went to work, the house was quiet, you were content.

Then the cafe next door changed ownership and started blasting out music from early evening till the early hours of the morning. Some people moved into the flat above who kept irregular hours, and are stamping about on the floor, opening and closing cupboards, and running taps from midnight to 2-3am in the morning.

You move to another quiet place, and the same thing happens agáin. The flat upstairs had wooden floors and a family with a toddler moves in who is constantly clattering about – or someone with a compulsive housework disorder.

A significant factor is the place you moved to was quiet at first – then changed. Also the noise you are being subject to is not reasonable. And when you move the same thing happens.

Noise harassment is a major gang stalking specialism. The noise you will be subjected to will be extremely loud, for extremely long periods, and also unreasonable – slammed doors at night time.

Gang stalking is organised community harassment. You will likely experience noise nuisance, vandalism, littering, bad smells, obnoxious neighbours who seem engaged in criminal activities, problems at work, obstructive parking, aggressive dogs, and bad service, among other problems.

You can be a target of gang stalking for years before you discover that all the nuisance you have had to put up with is being caused deliberately.