Gang stalking – or is it COINTELPRO or is it Fair Game or is it the Mafia?

Or is it all three?

What do gang stalking, Fair Game, Mafia and COINTELPRO have in common?

1.     Dirty tricks

2.      Smear campaigns

3.       Targeting of innocent civilians

4.        Con games

5.        Coerced recruitment

6.         Infiltration and taking over legitimate businesses

7.         Exploitation of labour

8.         Misuse of law

9.          Corruption

10.        Kidnapping/false imprisonment

11.         Financial attacks

12.         Legal attacks

13.         Spying

14.          Tampering with evidence – concealing evidence, fabricating evidence and planting evidence

15.          Misrepresentation

16.          Tampering with communications – preventing communications from arriving, altering communications, re-directing communications, fabricating communications

17.          Harassment and organising harassment by proxy.

18.         Stalking

19.         Invasion of privacy

20.         Vandalism

21.        Theft and black-bag jobs

22.         Intimidation

23.        Bureaucratic harassment

24.        Denial of service

25.        Torturing and killing pets

26.         Blackmail

27.         Fraud

28.         Mind games and coercive persuasion

29.        Setting up target for attack

30.        White collar crime

And this is not a complete list. However, let us hope  the authorities are telling the truth (hah!) and they are not responsible for gang stalking, and they are telling the truth when they deny all knowledge that it is happening. That is, all the above crimes are taking place, and in a society where every citizen is spied on at every opportunity, the authorities are unaware that any such events are happening.

And you believe them. After all, authority is always right.