Separating people from their inheritance.

One of gang stalkers objectives is to obtain someone’s inheritance. This follows a similar pattern to Identity Theft. Even low-income working people, after a lifetime of work and living frugally may have built up savings or received an inheritance from their parents. This is often a substantial sum.

Separating such people from their inheritance is made easier by the fact that most gang stalking targets are women, working class people or members of marginal groups. They have low social credibility so it is easier to persuade bystanders that “people like that” couldn ‘t possibly have a claim to such substantial resources. Also as gang stalking targets, over time they will have been socially isolated, perhaps forced to move from an area where people knew them well and everyone has already been told lies that they are a criminal.

Various methods can be used. Identity Theft on its own is not sufficient. The gang stalking version of Identity Theft is more involved than a distant person using a persons bureaucratic identification and bank details to commit fraud. The gang stalking version of Identity Theft involves substituting the person with a body double, or displacing the victim totally by getting them incarcerated in prison or a mental hospital.

Gang stalking Targets describe various odd events they are subjected to. They describe frequently meeting look-alikes of people they know. That they meet people who mimic their dress. They might even meet people who resemble them closely and dressed identically. (This has happened to me. Creepy). Further, gang stalking targets complain that they are subjected to chemical attacks and subjected to poisoning.

I suggest the reason for this staging is to bring about the situation where the Target is “replaced”. When the isolated target that no-one knows very well is disappeared, the body double steps into their place, and the surrounding people are already accustomed to seeing that person and don ‘t know the difference.

Where this can’t be done if the Target can be made ill, once in hospital someone can “make a mistake” and the Target’s behaviour can be manipulated to make them act crazy so they are then moved to a mental hospital. From this position they can be separated from their inheritance and need never emerge to challenge what has happened.