Mystery deaths – infiltrating and taking over small businesses.

This next is perhaps the greatest mystery associated with gang stalking. I have discussed how a primary focus of gang stalking is not just to gain control over people but to infiltrate and control businesses, in some cases to obtain possession.

With small one owner or family businesses with few employees infiltration can be difficult. This is where mysterious deaths occur, which just coincidentally create a vacancy, which is then filled with the plant.

For instance, the gang stalkers want a Target Bait employed by a small employer  with few employees. Coincidentally the appropriate employee dies and a vacancy occurs. Now you wish to place one of your own plants into the firm, so another employee dies and your plant is placed.

You want to take over the family run business completely, but when the old man dies the family will inherit. The wife dies suddenly and the new wife is one of your people. When the old man dies , mysteriously the inheritance does not pass to the family, but to the new wife, your plant. The firm just happens to be in the export business. How convenient for smuggling.

Dealing with one-man businesses, the pattern might be simpler. You approach the owner who declines to cooperate. Owner dies, and the next person who owns that business is someone you control.