Gangstalkers infiltrate honest businesses and turn them into rip-off cons

I have been gang stalked since University in the 1970s, but I only found out it was ” gang stalking” last year.

Looking back over more than 35 years I noticed a startling pattern. Businesses and people associated with me had suffered huge financial losses, losing their savings, homes and businesses. I concluded I was being used as bait, the “foot in the door” for gang stalking recruiters, who recruited people , after the style of cults, on the basis of deception. The deception in my case the lie that I was a dangerous criminal and the person approached was needed to assist “national security”. Once the person was “recruited” they were in the hands of the gang stalking controllers, and there was no way to leave. After the style of money-making cults, they would be indoctrinated, enslaved and over time stripped of their wealth.

So for thirty plus years, both myself and my late husband have been unwitting bait for the gang stalker recruiters. Everyone we have had any social interaction with have been affected. And I have also noticed that though the gang stalkers initial excuse for recruiting someone is the claim that I am a criminal, when I move away, the recruit is not released, the business that they have infiltrated is not left alone. Once gang stalkers have infiltrated a business, they never leave.

Living in London, my husband and I took many holidays. It is harder to see what happened to places we had visited overseas, but I do know what happened to some holiday places we visited in Britain.

We used to regularly visit an hotel on the Isle of Wight. At a time when we did not have much money, about 20 years ago, Bill spotted an ad in the newspaper. Three nights, half board for £89. The hotel overlooked the sea and had swimming pool and spa facilities.

It was a great holiday. The en-suite room equipped with bath was much bigger than our London bed-sit. We looked out on the sea. But the food was fantastic. Top quality, good choice, excellent service provided by locals, and generous amounts. The individual cheeseboard was so generous we started having one between us which we shared, and I had a dessert as well.

It was a family-run hotel, who had owned the hotel for decades. They obviously had huge pride in their establishment, and that was reflected in the high morale and cheeriness of the staff. Like many others, we became regular visitors.

Several years ago we were looking for a holiday and rung them for a quote. It was a jaw-dropping £600 for three days. What! We could have a week in Malta for that price, and we did. It is not uncommon for hotels in London to charge £100 a night for mediocre accommodation, or for high quality 5 star hotels outside London, but this hotel was out in the country, in an area noted for its cheapness, and only 3 star, although at the time we had gone we would have rated it 4 star on the food alone.

I checked its reviews on the internet. They were few, and dismal. The major complaint was the food standard was terrible. Equipment such as lifts and jacuzzi were broken and the staff had a couldn’t care less attitude. And customers were furious at paying luxury level prices for rubbish.


Another hotel we used to visit on the South coast followed a similar pattern. Again, my husband had discovered it on the basis of its low tariff. £35 B&B. Again, it was a small, family run hotel, friendly and charging a fair price for a fair service. We had been regular visitors for several years. A member of staff told us, nearly in tears, how they had lost their house ( gang stalkers cheat people out of their houses). I recently checked the place on the internet. It now charges £49 per person, per night, room only. To put this in context, a luxury hotel, with swimming pool and spa facilities, set in the midst of gardens, nearby charges the same for B&B.

When gang stalkers infiltrate a business this is what happens. Initially they might give friendly advice to the owner on ways they can increase profitability for little cost. But as they leach more and more money out of the business, the business starts to go downhill. A hotel relies on a good chef, who requires a good rate of pay and to be treated with respect. You won’t get a good chef to work for minimum wages. Nor will a good chef or cook tolerate serving up inferior food because it is cheaper. Good staff will not tolerate being exploited or mistreated so they will leave. The kind of staff who will put up with rock-bottom wages and exploitation are not going to give a hoot for customer service. A business that is only concerned with taking money and not spending any will not bother with maintenance.

As the prices increase and the service is not worth paying for regular customers will leave.

I speculate about what happens next. My experience of previous landlords losing their houses, and other housing scams involving artificially reducing the price of properties, then buying them cheap, suggest this course of events. The initial businessman provides a good service at reasonable cost. Gang stalkers infiltrate the business and get the owner on their strings. They instigate changes to increase profitability, by increasing charges and reducing services. They drive the business into the ground. When the business has reached its lowest worth, they buy it at bargain basement price, then turn the business around turning it into a luxury establishment charging the highest tariff.

Gang stalkers infiltrate legitimate businesses, take them over, and exploit labour.