Gang stalkers leave front doors open and break security gates. Why?

This truly is a mystery. All my searches for the objective of leaving communal doors open and breaking security gates has come up with nix.

I have experienced this at two houses I have lived in which were infiltrated by gang stalkers. The worst example happened in London.  The other people in the multiple-occupancy residence habitually broke the security gate, and made a habit of leaving the communal door open. I would go to work at 6am to find the front door open, presumably left open all night. The door would be left open all hours of the day and night.  I would close it and it would just be opened again.

It is completely insane. People in London get burgled and attacked in their own homes even when they have taken every precaution, put locks on their doors and widows and fitted burglar alarms.

So what is the gang stalkers objective in leaving the front door open at all times?

What is anyone’s objective in breaking security gates and leaving front doors open?