Targeted Individuals – me, me, me, me, me!

Look, fellow TIs. I get it. I know what you are going through. No. No, I don’t. Everyone is getting their own, personally tailored, bespoke hell. Nothing distracts anyone from the bigger picture, than pain. The world immediately contracts to your pain and the particular cause of it. And that tells you nothing, because the cause of the pain are puppets, but the hand inside the puppet remains concealed.

Distraction. You are distracted and focused on such a small part of the picture, you cannot see the picture. Those who are distracting you, are distracted, by the job of distracting you. Any starting off normal person would be in a mess required to do what they do to harass you. Most people are not criminals. Most people are not feral, not immoral. Committing crimes, acting immorally, acting like a crazy-person takes a huge toll out of the psyche of a normal person. And that is the hell the gang stalkers live in, and they think it is because of you. It takes their mind off the person pulling their strings.

Gang stalking is not the only thing going on. It does not occur in a social vacuum. Targets go years without even knowing they are targets. Why is that? Because we now live in a society where gratuitous over-loud noise is the norm everywhere there are human beings. Social norms are dissolved in environments where many cultures having different norms are thrown together, and the mentally ill are no longer cared for but thrown on the street to fend for themselves. Where the norms of feral child rearing of the upper class and gutter class are forced on everyone by the criminalisation of any form of child discipline. Where bureaucracy has become arrogant and aloof and the customer is always wrong. And by the way, you owe us money. No, you didn’t receive any service for it. Pay up, or else. Where govts rob your pension and bank accounts. The new normal. No wonder Targeted Individuals  can go for years before they realise their persecution is deliberate.

Forgive me. I am not blaming you. For somebody/s in charge the unavoidable suffering in the world is not enough. They think more is better. Trash everyone’s environment then the expectation becomes that anyone who wants a reasonable life, noise and harassment free, and enjoying good service, will have to pay through the nose for it. Your misery isn’t meaningless, it is the road to someone else’s higher profit.

When events appear irrational, ask one question. Who benefits? That is the hand behind the puppets.