The benefits of aggravation – the games the elites play with the rest of us.

Citizens, not serfs

Cui bene?

Nothing in politics happens by accident. So perhaps everything that is happening is not accidental, but planned.

Imagine a tyrant, who wanted to own everyone in society, and everything they had. His objectives would be to get rid of anybody who could resist and also to hi-jack all individualist adaptations to himself.

A civilised society, under rule of law, would not do for him. There are too many autonomous people, playing by the rules, getting on in life, and keeping the fruits of their success.

Manufacturing chaos opens all doors. It strips away the security in which enterprise flourishes. Smash down the door and the burglars and looters can help themselves.

But some people are more adaptive than others. Their life circumstances have made them so. Rural people are very self-reliant, in an environment where there is no-one else to help. Poor people have turned frugality, making every…

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