Persecution by proxy. Dealing with aggravation.

Reading gang stalking sites it is clear how distressing the organised community harassment is. Not only damaging, but the surround-sound orchestrated bullying causes a lot of grief and anger.

Your frustration boils over in that there is no way to retaliate against your persecutors. The people dealing directly with you are dupes, puppets, slaves. They have no choice. The puppet masters pulling the strings are safely at a distance and hidden from view.

And it is a feature of human design, a bad one in my view, that such destructive emotions, denied an outlet, one way or another turn inward and damage you.

Years ago I came across a peculiar saying from the ancient Greeks. “Attack whom the gods love”. It anchored itself in my mind and it took me years to decide to my own satisfaction what the saying meant. Eventually I decided the Greeks were saying the gods have favourites. To promote the interests of their pets they will do so at the expense of other people in their favourite’s vicinity. So where you see favouritism taking place, set out to damage those people’s interests. Then the gods will keep that person away from you and promote their interests at someone else’s expense, not yours.

But the same principle can be applied in a more earthly context. As a gang stalking target your interests are being attacked, presumably to create an advantage for someone, somewhere else. Just as in the god example above you cannot directly counter attack against those responsible. And as I said, there is no point in retaliating against the puppets hurting you. Puppets are disposable to the controllers. They are easily replaced. So how can you effectively counter attack?

Firstly, take a reality check. The people attacking you are alive, in the real world, and as such can be hurt.

Secondly, it still remains unclear who is responsible for gang stalking. The usual suspects are organised/corporate criminals, corrupt police or the security services, or a combination of all three. What is clear are their objectives of obtaining wealth and power by any means whatsoever. Whether police, spies or criminals, they are criminals.

A key part of the gang stalking con is recruitment. The recruiter armed with the lies about the target bait presents as having high social status and representing legal authority. High social class people protect other members of their class above everything. Spies and police protect high class people as a priority.

If the orchestration of gang stalking is how police and spies behave, committing crimes against law abiding people on a random basis, they are no longer worthy of respect. What is more, if the people they protect are au fait with these methods, they also are beyond contempt. None of them deserve any social respect. They deserve to be viewed and treated as the criminals they are.

This would be my suggestion. Gang stalking victims cannot identify who is behind gang stalking. But they can identify that the spy agencies, the police and other criminals are complicit and they are doing it on behalf of the higher and highest social tiers.

Withdraw support. Withdraw respect and deference to the higher social classes. Adopt the attitude that they are criminal class and treat them with that consciousness uppermost in your mind. Try to not support transnational firms but support local firms instead. Try and divert your money and work away from service to your “superiors”. Look for every opportunity to expose their crimes, immorality and disreputable behaviour.

Just as they seek to use every means of damaging and destroying your interests, do the same to them.

Just because you can’t win doesn’t mean they can’t lose. If the majority of people in society withdrew their support of the ruling elite and consciously and deliberately worked to sabotage them at every point, they would fall and their gang stalking protectors would fail and be discredited . You underestimate the extent to which you are supporting them, socially, economically and politically. There are no leaders without followers.

As they use criminal methods educate yourself about crime so you gain insight into how their minds work. The enemy are criminals. The police, the authorities will not help you. You will have to work it out for yourself.

In other words, turn the gang stalking methods back against “those whom the gods love” .

Call it acceptance of multi-cultural diversity. Treat them according to their own values.

It is what they deserve.