(Strange but true) – Does telekinesis exist?

At the moment I am experiencing that anomie that afflicts all bloggers, the impression that I am talking to myself.  As it seems the case that all my sensible article are largely ignored, no doubt under the secret state diktat that only whacky gang stalking articles will be taken up and given maximum publicity, I feel, what the heck, time to branch out a little.

Recently I had cause to remember the extent of vandalism I had been subjected to at work and at home for the 20 years I lived in London. When I listed them all I was really surprised. Not only was the list much longer than I had given attention to, but I was amazed that I hadn’t figured out that something fishy was going on at the time. I only discovered I was being  gang stalked last year.  Then I noticed a detail I had missed in the fog of general vandalism with the result my attention was focused on getting the job done despite the endless extra difficulties. Because the same oddity has been happening recently. Thus the title of this article – does telekinesis exist?

My job with the Royal Mail in the sorting and delivery office in Balham was postman/cook. The role is an antique now as it has been Royal Mail policy to shut down all postman-run canteens. The larger offices canteen services were outsourced to Quadrant. But for the smaller offices which were not economic for a large company the old fashioned postman/cook role continued. Basically my role was a postman whose job was to make the morning tea and breakfasts and afterwards sort and deliver a short “walk”.  I shopped, cooked and kept the kitchen clean, funded by the postmen. The kitchen itself obviously provided by the Royal Mail.

Amongst my standard work, and dealing with the extra problems caused by the vandalism, there were a number of anomalous events. I would be standing on one side of the kitchen and something sitting on the counter on the other side of the kitchen would suddenly drop to the floor. The floor was tile, therefore non-bouncy. I wasn’t moving, and I never place anything likely to slip near the edge of the polished counter.  I would be standing between four feet and six feet away from something which apparently moved by itself.  But I had other things to think about so I just got on with my work. However it happened often enough that I came to take it for granted. One day another postman was in the kitchen. I was at the opposite side of the kitchen about five feet away. He was about three feet away. And an object launched itself to the floor. He looked at me in surprise. I said “Don’t look at me. Happens all the time”.  “Maybe you’ve got a ghost” he replied.

That only happened at work and it only happened for about a year, not all the time. It wasn’t important so I had forgotten about it.

What reminded me was the same thing started again recently in the last month in my home in Harrogate. This time a standard explanation is plausible. It has only happened with my mini ipad, which as you know is an item as slippy as glass and also quite dense.  I had the ipad for months and nothing happened. The first time I had placed the ipad on top of a pile of books. I was on the other side of the room and turned just in time to see the ipad slide to the floor. OK. iPads are slippy devices. Next time I put the ipad on a chair. The fabric on the chair was not slippy. Same again. Now when I put my ipad down it is in a hollow surrounded by heaps of books. Or on the floor. Ha ha! Get out of that one. Honestly, if I hadn’t grown up on a diet of Science Fiction I wouldn’t so easily accommodate the absurd.

Thought I’d cracked it. Well, plugged in my ipad last night to charge, the ipad pinged the way it does to acknowledge it has been plugged in and charging, and this morning found my ipad still flat from last night and half unplugged. Aaa argh!

OK, maybe somebody has hypnotised me and I did it myself in my sleep without knowing. But that is another story.

Who said gang stalking couldn’t be fun.