This is another strange one – synchronicity

I have to admit this particular feature of gang stalking I know little about apart from what I’ve read. I gather it is arranged “coincidences” staged events based on the targets life.

In my case being a life long miserable old misanthrope with no love of my fellow man, stalkers could have been arranging “coincidences” till the cows came home, and I wouldn’t have taken a blind bit of notice. I have spent a lifetime ignoring people. It is what I am good at.

But today several events, created a striking coincidence, a synchronicity, that even I couldn’t ignore. But – maybe it was just coincidence. If not it was a piece of artistry which deserves a wider audience than myself.

Several  unusual events were brought together which only had meaning for me.

The first unusual event was I was waiting for the postman to deliver a parcel which he was unable to deliver two days ago. Rather than miss him I did something I have never done in the 18 months I have lived at this address. I took a cushion and a book downstairs and sat outside in the sun to wait. While waiting a neighbours cat walked up the side of the house beside me. Just then the dog walker for the house opposite drove up and the dog leapt out of the car and chased the cat. It was an exceptionally beautiful dog, white and husky looking. The lady told me it was a young German Shepherd.

When I went indoors I read an email from my sister, continuing a conversation we were having about the film “Derby 0’Gill and the Little People”. Our mother had taken us to see it at the cinema the year it was released. My elder sister (6 years older) had disappeared under the seat when the banshee on the mountain appeared. I had stared at the screen, unable to tear my eyes away. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I think I was about 6.  Mum laughed about this for years afterwards.

By late afternoon the postman had still not appeared. I went indoors and was watching the penultimate episode in the third season of ” Charmed”. This was the first time I had seen the episode. In this episode there is an unusually beautiful, juvenile, white husky type dog which chases a cat. There is also a banshee.

Some coincidence.

Or, if a piece of synchronicity, well yes. It got my attention. A virtuoso performance. Tres elegant.