The Nanny Complex

One targeted Individual described the experience of being gang stalked as like being married to an abusive husband – except you never married one.

In my experience being gang stalked is like a return to childhood. On the one hand the stalkers invalidate you to the status of a non-person. You are excluded from all normal freely entered into social interactions with others. And standard institutions in place of outright refusing to deal with you are so obstructive and provide such a bad or hostile service, you soon decide to save yourself the bother. And then there is the other highlight of childhood. The unwanted intrusive company of irrational, inconsiderate, unpredictable people with the social graces of pigs. Gang stalkers behave like over-grown children.

Psychiatrists are forever inventing new psychological conditions. Well, I have a suggestion. Call it “the nanny complex”.  A dangerous pathological condition afflicting people in power, a sub-set of control-freakery. Victims of “the nanny complex” do not understand normal adult maturity. Their own minds have never matured beyond childhood so they think nobody elses  has either. As a consequence they are driven to treat everyone as children, prevent anyone from maturing beyond childhood,  take delight in all the obnoxious and mindless behaviours of children, and think everybody’s behaviour should be totally controlled. Ever watch a toddler trying to force a pet to do what it wants?

Clearly if such people get in power their pathology forced on a normal population will be tremendously destructive.

In the meantime, I, a working class female at the bottom of the social heap can enjoy the surreal entertainment of watching my middle-class “superiors” being played for fools and reverting to the childish behaviours of copying the clothing of the target of the day; engaging in silly conversations they do not understand; banging and clattering around like tots in a tantrum; slamming doors, stamping about and making as much noise as they can; deliberately vandalising and dirtying property; telling lies; not doing their job correctly, even though intelligent and highly trained; stealing; nosing into things they have no business in and moving other people’s private property about; contaminating food; leaving smells; littering; being cruel to pets; uprooting plants and cutting down trees; pretending to be people they are not; walking around in a mob; invading others personal space; talking loudly; deliberately getting their children to act in anti-social ways, encouraging them to scream loudly and often for no purpose; encourage their dogs to be aggressive; obsessive gardening;  and so on.

So much for middle-class values.

Well, that’s what they get for listening to their social “superiors”. Madness is clearly infectious.

Being gang stalked is like being forced back to childhood. Statusless, powerless  and surrounded by idiots.