Gang stalking. Countering the counter.

Gang stalkers are annoyingly adaptive. One of their techniques is to back up their lies and slander by staging the “evidence”.  If they have spread the lie that you are a prostitute, they will put women dressed like prostitutes in your vicinity. If they  lie that you are gay, they put people who look homosexual near you, and so on.

When my late husband and I were priced out of  London we were both relieved to move to a small rural town up North.  Unlike London, we both felt very comfortable here. The people were like ourselves, rural, polite and considerate. Unlike London the dress code is demure, not flash nor tarty. I felt comfortable here and fitted in.

But this did not suit my stalkers who needed to provide the appearance that their lies about me were true, or even believable. Over the last year the following sequence of events occurred. The stalkers trying to frame perceptions. My attempts to make their framing look nonsense. And how they countered.

1.  Evidently they wished to make believe that I was a prostitute. This is difficult because of my normal dress-down appearance, no make-up, elderly etc.

Young women very scantily dressed in cheerfully bright clothing started popping up in the neighbouring residential street.  Obviously their appearance could not create any association with me, elderly, dowdy. They just looked strikingly out of place. That didn’t last long.

2.  The next was rather funny. This area is posh. Principally middle class professionals and retired middle class. Suddenly everywhere I went there were tramps, down-and-outs in my vicinity. Again, they looked odd. I didn’t because the normal dress code for retired people is relaxed to frumpy, but they looked very out of place.

3. The gang stalkers problem was to find a stigmatised and criminal group that I might credibly belong to. So their next idea was rather clever. Now when I went out people dressed like gypsies kept turning up in my vicinity. The nasty side of this was some of these were children.

Now  I was annoyed. Not helped when a member of staff in the nearest supermarket engaged me in conversation about a story in the press about gypsies kidnapping children. I have always avoided children as I don’t like them much. Now my child-avoidance has gone into hyper-drive. I gave up blogging at the library to avoid the situation of children coming and sitting beside me on the computer, even though there were many other free places. Then someone moved a child into the bedsit next door.

Manufacturing appearances. Now I had to put a spanner in the works somehow, but I did not wish to change my appearance much. As my husband had passed away last year I was free to do anything I wanted. I decided to do something with my hair. It has always been a problem, being fine and uncontrollable. When I was 16 and shoulder length hair was the norm for women, the crew cut was invented for men. I had really wanted a crew cut, but that would have been really outlandish at the time. This was years before punks or skinheads. Also I have always had trouble getting a decent hair cut. The best person who cut my hair was the barber my husband went to in London. But in Harrogate the barbers refused to cut my hair and I wasn’t prepared to pay £25 for a bad hair cut that would only last a few weeks.

So I got a hair trimmer and gave myself a crew cut. I love it. Wish I’d done it years ago. No more problem hair. It always looks tidy. And for £16, I need never go to a hairdresser again.

And it caused the gang stalkers problems. Whoever heard of a female skin-head gypsy? Well, it caused confusion for a time. But now the gang stalkers have countered. Every time I go out I am surrounded by a huge number of very short haired men and bald eggs. No bald women so far.

They have decided to stay with the gypsy theme as there is no other way they can use my appearance against me. But they have added refinements. This is a very low crime area.  But gypsies are causing outrageous problems in nearby towns making the newspapers. It puts gypsies in the forefront of people’s consciousness, generating fear and distrust. The gypsies appearing in my vicinity are now clearly real East European gypsies. There has been a noticeable increase in the short haired men with a very macho and intimidating demeanour.  Their hair cuts are close copies of my own.  I think they are now countering by spreading the rumour that I am mentally unbalanced, as a means of explaining my short hair. And using an aspect of my appearance I can’t do anything about. I look young for my age, a family trait. I am in my sixties but look barely 50.  So that makes me look like a liar in claiming to be myself. As I am not a gypsy,  persuading people that I am can only have the purpose of Identity Theft. Actually stealing my identity by making out I am somebody else pretending to be me. Along with this I believe they are playing the mentally unbalanced theme.

Can you see where this is leading?  That poor gypsy woman. She is insane. She stole someone else’s identity and now she thinks she is the person whose identity she stole. But don’t put her in prison. She is ill. Put her in a mental asylum. (Oh, and take her money from her. It is not hers).


I have to say at this point I have run out of ideas. I can only control my own behaviour, not the behaviour of everyone on the planet. I am very against crime. But there doesn’t appear to be any institution in the country which can be relied on to act against criminals, otherwise this wouldn’t be happening. My problem is only part of a much bigger problem. Where can law-abiding people look for protection living under a criminal state?

My one consolation is that as I am old, the next stop is death anyway.