The Purpose of Mimicry is to Discredit

The tactic of mimicry occurs in two areas. In real life and on the internet.

I will confine my examples to my own experience. Other Targets will have their own experiences which can amplify these tactics in practice.


Appearance is a strong conditioner of attitude. We say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People do judge on appearances even if they don’t want to. It is an almost automatic process. We tend to grant credibility or withold it from people on the basis of their appearance. Men automatically have more credibility and social stature than women for no other reason than they are men. It is very difficult for a man to be classed as disreputable on the basis of his appearance. Sadly, coloured groups are the exception to this generalisation.

Judgement of women based on their appearance is less straightforward. On the one hand a woman who dresses like a tart is viewed as a tart. But a woman who dresses down in any sense is viewed as psychologically suspect. Higher class women can dress like tarts all the time and be admired for it and not treated as if they are. All other women are engaged in a balancing act between trying to dress as a woman, but not so much that in their particular context they will increase abuse or justify attackers, and dress demurely, but not so much that they are viewed as odd. For women context is vital for gauging their presentation correctly. Dress codes in towns are more tarty than in the country, where for practical and other reasons androgynous is often normal. Dress codes in cities can be extremely liberal, where very tarty is indulged and frumpy is invisible.

In an almost childish way we would all like criminals to dress as criminals, so we can identify them. I personally would like all spies to be legally compelled to wear a large sign on their head with SPY written on it, so everyone can see them coming and take cover. But alas, life is not fiction.

So appearance carries a lot of weight and is therefore a focus of gang stalkers manipulation tactics.

In my particular case I am country born and raised. I also come from a part of the world where the men were very abusive to women on the basis of their appearance. So women androgynised their appearance to avoid abuse. But coming from the country you tend to not judge people on their appearance – their clothes, unlike town and city people.  You look at the person not the presentation.

I also lived in London for twenty years where it is common sense to not advertise to muggers by dressing smartly. (My husband was mugged 5 times while living in a London).

In order for the gang stalkers to discredit me on the basis of my appearance, which is normal for this rural area, and understood as such, they must suggest to others that my appearance is associated with abnormal social behaviours. By mimicking my appearance closely, and I must presume when out of my sight engaging in abnormal and anti-social behaviour, they can create the association in the minds of others, that I am not a normal person.


The other area where gang stalkers use mimicry is on the net. Over time when you use the net you build up a kind of profile of your character, values and responses. Naturally, when you have a message which you want to convey in a credible manner, you will seek to do so honestly, objectively, and with the minimum of ambiguity, equivocation and grey areas, which can be used to confuse, manipulate, trick and deceive your audience.

I must have been building up a credible net profile because I have noticed the following net tactics being used in my net vicinity.

1. The use of a similar name, where the person is arrogant and patronising. They also talk a lot of waffle.

2. Copying of verbal techniques. I very occasionally use Bible quotes where they are most relevant. Bible quotes, which are blatantly irrelevant to the context are appearing.

3. I have put my particular personal circumstances on-line to give people a context for what is happening. People are now presenting similar circumstances.

This looks to me like subtle groundwork which will be built on. The intention to dilute my identity by confusing it with other people who seem to be similar ( mimicry again); to attach a conditioned deafness (see a Bible quote – switch off now, she talks nonsense); and slyly inserted trigger words to plant suspicion.

All part of the discrediting game.