Identity Theft – Exploiting Discontinuity

Here I am not talking about the Identity Theft where a distant person accesses your administrative details and carries out fraud. I am talking about your identity being completely stolen and someone takes over your life, in the process helping themselves to every asset and everything creditable in your life, while making out you are the criminal. The criminal becomes you and you become the criminal.

The best illustration of this is the fictional film “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock.

The methods used for substituting one person for another follow:


It is hard to take the identity of a person who has a family, and lives and works in the same community their entire life. Everyone surrounding them knows them from birth. This pattern was commonplace in the past but now it is unusual. Many natural discontinuities occur in people’s lives. When you change school from primary to secondary, you lose a host of people who knew you and are surrounded by strangers with whom you form new social ties. Same again when you enter higher education and start your first job. Your parents may move to another part of the country to work. At the end of your working life you might retire to a different part of the country. People commonly move to find work or join a new partner.

All these naturally occurring discontinuities involve leaving people who knew you and meeting strangers who do not know you.

The identity thieves I am talking about exploit these breaks in continuity to substitute you with another person who has been chosen and coached to resemble you. The objective being to replace you and seize your assets.

Where discontinuities do not occur they will work to create them. Act so as to force you to move to a different area; make you leave your home; make you lose your job; break-up a relationship; they might even force you to continually relocate, losing social contacts as you do, and act so as to prevent you from forming new social contacts.

The discontinuities can even extend to the physical localities where you lived and worked. A school you attended closes down or changes form or name.   Multiple-occupancy bed-sits you once occupied are renovated into luxury flats and change ownership. Places where  you worked and lived are closed down or demolished. But changes in ownership are common.

Discontinuities of course happen naturally. But they can also be made to happen. As we age the physical evidence which supports our personal history gradually disappears. Some examples from my own life. The primary school I attended has been made into a different type of school and has a different name. The secondary school my sister attended is a completely different type of school with a completely different name. A library my mother worked in changed location. The company my father worked for went bankrupt. Two technical colleges I attended have changed their names, which means when  I show certificates for exams taken at those colleges a person checking my qualifications is likely to say – there is no such institution. A house I lived in was torn down and a block of flats now stand there. A multiple-occupancy bed-sit I lived in has changed ownership and now hosts luxury flats. An associated work place was closed down and demolished.

Over time the evidence that supports your history disappears. Much of my life and educational history now contain large, unconfirmable gaps because educational institutions I attended either no longer exist or have changed name. Places I once lived no longer stand or are completely changed in nature. And when institutions close down or change ownership often records are lost. Most of these discontinuities occurred naturally however I know some of them were manipulated.

I have experienced the following discontinuities.

At University I was blocked from further study. (Interference )

I was prevented from getting work in the same area. (Interference)

I was subjected to harassment where I lived. (Interference) However I resisted being harassed into moving, but a neighbour was frightened into moving.

I was forced into moving when my landlord died. (Probably natural )

After years of harassment from anti-social tenants (noise pests, noise phobes, prostitutes, and mentally disturbed people) myself and the other tenants were forced to move when an IRA man moved into the property. The house was immediately converted from bed-sits to luxury flats and shortly afterwards changed ownership. (Interference)

Forced to move out when there was a fire in the flat above. (Probably interference)

Forced to move out when the rent became unaffordable. (?)

The last move involved moving from London were the rents are extortionate, up North where the rents are more affordable.

Moved from flat to bed-sit. (Natural. My husband had died and I could not afford the flat on my own).

The bed-sit I moved to, most of the long-term tenants were moved out before I moved in. (Interference)

The largest discontinuity here was when I moved from London due to the high rent. It meant I left an area where I had lived and worked for 17 years and was known to a large number of people.  Moving to a new area involves making new contacts. I was unable to do this due to my husband’s illness and my arthritis which was giving me problems at the time.

Moving to the multiple-occupancy bed-sit should have given me the opportunity to form new social ties, but as the previous residents were moved out, that social opportunity was aborted leaving me socially isolated. The result is I have lived here for 3 years and nobody knows me. It makes it easy to spread lies about me because I could be anybody .

Discontinuities occur naturally. Older people will naturally have more discontinuities in their lives than younger. Discontinuities occur naturally but they can also be manufactured. When a person moves to a new area that discontinuity can be exploited to the full by preventing the person from making new social contacts, by spreading lies about them. When somebody else claiming to be that person appears, claiming that they are the victim of identity theft and the real person is the imposter, the scam is complete.

In the same way that the increase in anti-social behaviour – noise, vandalism and so on, being tolerated by the authorities camouflages gang stalking activity, social churn in businesses and institutions accomplishes the same thing . People lives are constantly disrupted in moving jobs , moving location and this maximises the criminals opportunities.