Double-Binds – all innocent acts can be made to look guilty

Is there a school somewhere which teaches how to make innocent acts “evidence” of guilt?

Criminalising the law-abiding takes some work, as the law-abiding don’t commit crimes, avoid crime venues, avoid criminals,  and engage in innocent, law-abiding activities.  However, with a bit of imagination, and tweaking the context, all innocent acts can be used to make a person look guilty.

The first part is the innocent act. The second part is how it can be twisted to imply guilt.

1. A man walking with his son = paedophile

2. Woman dressed as a normal woman = prostitute

3. Dowdy woman = lesbian

4. Friendly, social person = drug dealer

5. Unfriendly, asocial person  = mentally unbalanced loner

6. Working class person = criminal

7. Black, coloured, ethnic = criminal

8. Muslim, especially young male Muslim = terrorist

9. Irish = terrorist

10. Working class person = gypsy

11. Woman who likes children = paedophile

12. Woman who doesn’t like children = insane

13. Poor people = thieves, insane

14. Elderly = senile

15. Handicapped = mentally challenged even when handicap is physical

16. Ill and dying = welfare scroungers

17. Unemployed = work shy, welfare scroungers, criminal

18. Young people  = drug users or dealers

19. Gardener = pot grower

20. Lover of house plants – pot grower and smoker

21. Homeless = alcoholics, drug users, insane

22. Single mothers which include widows and women who have been deserted = promiscuous welfare scroungers

23. Retired person on a pension = the majority of “welfare” recipients, therefore undeserving

24.Dog owner = criminal, drug user

25. Person with gap on their CV due to unemployment  = criminal, jail bird

26. Person with qualifications = liar, fraud

27. Person without qualifications = lower class scum

28. Person who dresses smartly  = only doing that to fool people, con artist

29. Person who doesn’t dress smartly  = lower class scum, gypsy, drug user, criminal, insane

30. Person who drinks  = alcoholic

31. Christian = bigot, deluded

32. Jew = every problem in the world is caused by Jews

33. Black = lazy, drug dealer

34. English patriot  = Nazi racist

35. White person  = racist

36. Feminist  = lesbian, communist, man-hater, insane

37. Middle class person = racist

38. Woman virgin = lesbian, man-hater, frigid, mentally abnormal


This is going to be an on-going list as I think of more. Someone is playing the stereotype game, exploiting and reinforcing stereotypes to maximise political and social rifts, the old divide and rule classic. Stereotyping  stigmatises an entire group with the actions of a few and can be used as a weapon to justify attacking any member of a group with the implication  of criminality and or insanity, where the person is entirely innocent.

Up until recently Western societies had largely shrugged off old-fashioned bigotry, but it seems there are strong forces at work reviving old hatreds and inventing new ones.

We are all being conned and played against each other. We need to resist this toxic trend. It is my dream that the people at the heart of it will be exposed to public view along with their game plan. That is my prayer.