Was Patrick McLaw gang stalked?

Gang stalkers tell lies about their targets. Lies include allegations of improper sexual behaviour, violent tendencies, criminal behaviour and insanity.

Targets are mainly women and ethnic groups, working class or lower middle class.  They are often people of intelligence, talent, upright character and with a desire and ability to succeed.

Targets are aware that attempts are made to attach crimes to them that they did not commit,  imply that they will commit crimes in the future and on this basis either get them imprisoned or confined to a mental institution in the absence of having committed any crime or any form of mental illness.

Against this background, how does Patrick McLaw’s situation measure up?

1.  He is a black person, presumably not upper class.

2. The real reason for the retaliation against him was a letter he wrote complaining he was being subjected to harassment. I have tried to find a copy of this letter without success. On this basis alone seemingly, authorities decided he was mentally unbalanced and confined him to a mental institution for assessment.

Anyone who complains of gang stalking harassment is accused of insanity.

3. Patrick McLaw is young, black, intelligent, talented with his career ahead of them. He was marked as a man most likely to succeed. He had published two Science Fiction novels and been awarded a Teacher of the Year Award on the basis of helping a student to publish an e-book.

4. The authorities initially claimed they needed to act on the basis of the subject matter of the book which was about a school shooting event far in the future. Their action involved very public searching of Mr McLaw’s home and the school premises where no weapons nor explosives were found. Mr McLaw does not even own a gun. Parents were warned Mr McLaw might be a danger and his photograph was circulated to three states.

This was done with the maximum publicity.

There is the saying there is no smoke without fire. The authorities are masters at generating smoke. Their dramatic involvement implies guilt, even where there is none. Pre-crime does not exist. Does it?

In conclusion, Patrick McLaw presents a classic Targeted Individual profile, both in who he is and in the gang stalkers modus operandi of harassment,  smear campaigns, unwarranted OTT very public investigations in the absence of evidence, and confinement to a mental institution without justification. All carried out with a circus brouhaha to create the illusion that something important is going on.


In the book “The Poisoned Tree” by Kevin Taylor, Mr Taylor, a successful millionaire businessman of working class origins, recounts how the police arresting him on charges which they had concocted out of thin air, did so in the most public way possible so as to create a public impression of serious criminality.

In the book “Unperson A Life Destroyed” by Denis (one n) Lehain, an award winning young Irish journalist, of working class origins, who looked set for a glittering career, describes how he had his career de-railed before he could get a foothold and was confined to mental institutions on trumped up charges of insanity, where he was tortured, forcibly drugged with brain damaging medications, and told he would only be released if he said his experience of being harassed was a delusion, even though he had concrete evidence of the harassment.

The modus operandi of gang stalkers can be found on the site http://www.exposegangstalking.com/       the 11 minute introduction.

The site written by first Gulf War veterans (UK)  http://www.targeted-individuals.com/      has much relevant information.

You can sign a petition asking for Mr McLaw’s release from involuntary confinement at:-