Paedophile gang stalkers hide their crimes with larger crimes


My reasoning is based on the assumption that the gang stalkers victim, the Targeted Individual is bait for recruitment. Imagine a pond of medium to large fish. The bait, a small fish is thrown into the pond. A large group of larger fish descend on it and are netted. They are then sorted according to usefulness and then some of these are used as bait for the biggest and most powerful fish.

Valuable assets in the crowd who have been baited are beautiful men and women and homosexuals, who are prime products in the sex industry and are perfect specific bait for the most valuable targets, people of influence and power in society.

As I’ve noted elsewhere people such as business owners, employers, managers, medical staff, bank staff, solicitors,  civil servants, postal staff, and landlords are all valuable recruits, as they directly control people’s lives with their actions, can be used to give or withold work or accommodation, and can lose, alter or reveal confidential records.

But with all this activity going on, why is it invisible ?

The principle reason is the Target Bait, the innocent person marked as a criminal, is used to make the potential recruits believe they are involved in some form of clandestine law enforcement. The recruits are also gagged, so they can’t talk to other people about what is happening and they have probably been threatened with draconian penalties if they reveal the situation.

But why is the harassment of the Target Bait invisible? All the odd behaviour, the noise and anti-social behaviour that the Target Bait is surrounded by would surely make people notice that something odd is going on?

There are two reasons why gang stalking does not stand out. The first has been the trend for the police and other authorities to affect indifference to anti-social behaviour and public nuisance. The police and authorities give limp-wristed responses to complaints of noise, vandalism, groups of vandals hanging about and so on. This negligence in enforcing reasonable public behaviour allows it to flourish and be perceived as a social norm and something which everybody just has to put up with. This provides protective camouflage.

The second reason is along the same lines, but more specific. It is not just the Target Bait who is harassed but everyone in their vicinity too – but they cannot complain because as recruits they cannot talk about the situation.

It took me a while to work this last out. But from the beginning I realised that whoever was harassing me did not care what damage they did to people in my vicinity. The larger crime conceals the smaller crime. That is harassment of everyone near the target and not just the target disguises that the target is being harassed. But also the smaller crime is a distraction from the larger crime – that is, that it is not about harassing the target but about the people who are entrapped by the target and then used for committing  crimes against other people.

So, the small fish, the Target Bait, a working class person who will readily be believed to be a criminal or loopy if a person in authority says so, is used to recruit people in the class above, people with access to records or attractive people with good social presentation and perhaps children, who can be used to sexually entrap people in the highest social class of society, either,  to recruit, or blackmail.

Small fish, entraps bigger fish, entraps largest fish.

Sexual exploitation looks like a strong theme in the gang stalking procedures. Beautiful men, women and children are prized for entrapment purposes. Due, no doubt, to the lax sexual morality which has always characterised the highest social classes. This leads to the disturbing likelihood, that beautiful children of the lower middle class and middle class recruits are trained and exploited for paedophile purposes.

If my theory is correct, for upper-class paedophiles to be trapped, not as paedophiles and exposed, but in order to be blackmailed and controlled, such people due to their high social status do not want mentally disturbed, ugly, gutter children to use. They want beautiful, intelligent, nice children, who will “behave” properly. The children of the highest social class will never be exploited in this way. So the children who will be targeted for these entrapment purposes will be middle-class children, after their parents have been recruited in the “interests of helping national security” in harassing the working class Target Bait who is neither insane nor a criminal.