They Want Your Money

There have been occasional strange stories in the press over the years about an odd person just giving money away on the street to random strangers. It raises a chuckle, doesn’t it? If only, you think.

In a recent story,  the man,  completely sane, and it was his own legitimately earned money he was giving out, was rushed to a mental hospital. This is at a time when mental patients can’t even get into mental hospitals. So, what was the emergency?

That gave me pause to think.  Why? What possible objection could the state have to an honest citizen giving his money away to anyone he wants?

When I put this against my own gang stalking experience a possible explanation suggests itself.

As a gang stalking target lies are spread to the community that I live in, that I am some kind of criminal.

By implication that makes my savings and inheritances from my late-husband and late-mother,  suspect, possibly the proceeds of whatever alleged crimes I am alleged to be involved in. Which would make my own legitimately earned resources subject to seizure by the state.

Over the years I have donated substantial sums to charities and hospitals. Over time I have started to suspect whether these charities/hospitals got to keep my donations. What if my gang stalkers followed up my donations to the hospitals and told them, falsely, that those donations were “dirty” money, the proceeds of crime, and not legitimate donations?

When recently, when my very delayed inheritance from my late-husband came through, I went to my solicitor  to ask how  a Deed of Variation could be drawn up to directly pay the inheritance to the hospital which treated my husband’s cancer. I thought by doing this, this would remove any question of legitimacy and I could be sure the recipient would get the money.

The Solicitor told me I could not do this, as I had already “touched” the money by lodging the cheque in my bank account. I explained that I had done so as I needed to be sure the cheque would not bounce, otherwise there would be no need for a Deed of Variation.

The Solicitor then went on to say, this could be money-laundering and such legal action would make him a party!

In the event I made the donation through normal channels and keep my fingers crossed that they got it, got to keep it and weren’t lied to that they are now a party to money laundering and in order to not get prosecuted for this very serious crime, just need to do the odd “favour” here and there, for the “authorities”.

In the wonderful world we live in today you don’t even have to commit a crime in order to be blackmailed.

In the light of these problems I have first hand experience of unexpected difficulties which can arise when I try to spend my own money, obtained legitimately, where the authorities have smeared my reputation, falsely,  as a criminal. Or even give it away. It looks like the authorities are determined to take my resources from me, hook or by crook and they are not even going to allow me to give my own money away, unless they can get their grubby hands on it or use it for their criminal purposes.

In the light of this the man who stood on the street and gave out money to passing strangers starts to make sense. Also that he was immediately put into a psychiatric unit, which can be the precursor of seizing an inmates resources on the grounds they are not capable of managing their own financial affairs.

And a salutary warning to anyone else with the same idea.