Applying Murphy’s Law to the plebs – problem dumping

We all know the joke Murphy’s Law ” anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.  The saying appears to have originated out of the craft of engineering,  where people learnt from experience that things had to be designed exactly right, or sooner or later they would fail.  But the expression soon spread into wider society where common experience suggested that such a “law” explained why things go wrong.

Of course, things don’t just go wrong, they are caused to go wrong. One of the enlightening experiences of parenting is the amazing chaos sub-intelligent beings (children) can cause without putting any effort into it, and the amazing amount of effort the parent has to invest in order to head off incipient disaster. If we weren’t blinded by biology into liking our children they would seem fine gifts to give our enemies to bring disaster, loss and 24/7 disruption into their lives.

So far the military have not used children as such as a means to sabotage their enemies.  However, where it comes to sabotage, attrition, dirty tricks, distraction, stressing, exhaustion, contamination, and designing risk situations, it seems as if the military complex has discovered that children’s erratic, unreasonable, wasteful and plain batty behaviour are excellent tactics to inflict on anyone you want to oppress.

There is a class dimension to this as well. Personally, I have no objection to people of wealth and status distancing themselves from the problems caused by living in close proximity to other people. I do object though when they use their wealth and political clout to enforce those bad conditions on people of lower rank and wealth who are trying hard to avoid them. It seems the upper classes are not just content to put themselves out of harms way, but deliberately put others into harms way, like a sort of social sponge to soak up everything harmful in society before it reaches them.  Their motive is not to solve problems or allow social problems to be solved, but to displace problems onto every group apart from their own, to maintain their pre-eminent position. Not problem solving but problem dumping. They don’t want the problems solved. They are using them as weapons to attack lower social class groups without seeming to do so.  It is harassment by proxy.

There is no need for the general populace to be afflicted with noise, anti-social neighbours, out of control dogs and children, vandals and intimidation from gangs of criminal youths. That was what the police were invented for in the 19th century, and until the end of the 20th century they were doing a relatively good job in maintaining the public peace. Even a poor person if they are law-abiding should have the right to live their life in reasonable peace and security – unless the state is saying that is no longer the state’s responsibility, and it is up to each citizen to do what is needed to ensure their own peace.

Problems don’t just happen. Everything that happens is caused. If  the reason for the manufacture of social chaos from which the ruling class are immune, is that the ruling class intend to hide behind their high walls and ghettoise the entire rest of the population, it is time to concentrate attention on the cause, and refuse to be distracted by the symptoms.