Stigmatising the entire population as criminals to legally steal their assets and justify totalitarian rule – is that the game?


Pretend, just for the sake of argument, that we are being ruled by criminals whose ambition is to commit the Grand Theft of stealing EVERYTHING that everyone owns, and reduce everyone to slavery.

In a democratic country, under rule of law, how could that be accomplished?

Our laws protect us. As citizens we have rights. Institutions such as banks, pension providers, taxation, employment and other official records and bureaucracies are run honestly, legally and with professional integrity by people of integrity who can be trusted.

Who is best placed to corrupt an entire society? Who knows how everything works and can pull strings in every area of society?

The first safeguard of a citizen is that he is law-abiding. In a rule of law society the only justification that the state has to interfere in a citizen’s life is criminal behaviour. Against criminals the state has the right to pry, set aside privacy, practice surveillance, accuse, arrest using direct force and confine to prison or a mental institution.

All the state has to do to justify direct force against a citizen is to class the citizen as a criminal. An entire country of law-abiding people can be made out to be criminal by creating such a plethora of nit-picking laws that a person who jay-walks or drops a cigarette butt is put into the same category as murderers, racketeers or embezzlers and treated with draconian penalties.

But there will still be many people who avoid even accidentally breaking any of society’s rules. To trap such the judiciary itself needs to be corrupted. Judges who pass perverse sentences. Defence lawyers who act for the prosecution. Corrupt police who fabricate and conceal evidence. Administrators who “lose” records. And if all else fails psychiatrists who are prepared to declare anybody insane and needing urgently to be confined to a mental institution.

But still there are large areas of social activity where records of fact are maintained as a matter of course. Records which prove a person’s identity, prove their education and health, reveal a lifetime of honest work and fulfilling all social obligations. To be able to discredit and criminalise anyone in society, all these social institutions, bureaucracies and records have to be infiltrated.

Corruption in high places is a staple of human history and every country in the world. Ruling elites are noted for their duplicity, venality and personal moral corruption. They have skeletons in the cupboard which can be used to guarantee their total compliance.

But the generally honest middle class, with their class ethic of high professional and personal standards have since their emergence subsequent to the Black Death, been a strong counter force to the corrupt ruling class.  Corrupting this mainstay of social justice, fairness, rationality and stability requires planning.

The middle class mind-set has three Achilles heels. The first is their own honesty, with the resultant difficulty in understanding criminality in others. The second is their desire to better themselves which leads to irrational deference to the social class above, which generally does NOT share their ethical values. The third is their fear of losing status to working class people with greater ability. The middle class is hypocritical in that they say they wish people to be judged and promoted on their merit, where it applies to middle class people such as themselves so that they can be promoted, but they do not wish working class people to be included in the competition.

So the middle classes naivety can be exploited, alongwith their hopeful and trusting deference to their “social superiors”. All that a “superior” has to do to gain a middle class persons cooperation is to tell them what they want to believe – that that working class/black person they dealt with in the course of their work as an employer/doctor/landlord/estate agent/bank employee etc, is a dangerous criminal and the state needs their help in surveillance of that person in the interests of national security. Once recruited their lives will be trawled for any criminal behaviour however minor to be used against them. And this comprehensive trawl will be extended to their family and nearest associates. Knowledge is power indeed.

Now the corrupt tools of a corrupt state has access to medical records, bank records, housing provision, employment provision, and legitimate confidential records of all kinds on everyone in the country which can be scrutinised for wealth to be appropriated whenever convenient at some time in the future when crucial records have been “lost” or altered.

The middle classes in harness to corrupt rulers, the working class harassed, stone walled and attacked at every turn, control is complete.