Gang stalkers stonewalling, gaslighting and lies

Gang stalkers employ a combination of lies, gaslighting and stonewalling to frame their victim’s behaviour  as not normal.

All social interactions rely on a degree of trust and cooperation. Gang stalking interference destroys this trust and cooperation rendering everything the Target does ineffective. Which leaves the gang stalkers free to define the Target’s situation anyway they please.

Take a simple example. It is impossible to live in our society without communicating with various bureaucracies.  These communications usually occur at a distance making all of us reliant on the postal service. Interfering with the post, preventing mail arriving  or interfering with it in transit creates huge possibilities for sabotaging a Target’s life.

In my own case, my communications with the HMRC appears to have broken down. While I lived with my late husband who died last year, I received very frequent correspondence from the HMRC constantly adjusting my tax code, as I am in receipt of income from several small pensions. Since moving to this address a year ago I have hardly heard from them, despite my writing to them frequently informing them of every change in my financial circumstances. In May I received a letter from them expressing condolences on the death of my husband and advising that I needed to inform them about just being awarded Bereavement Allowance for THIS year as it might affect the tax I have to pay. This information was completely wrong, as my husband died last year and I was in receipt of Bereavement Benefit last year, a fact I told them of, and which they knew, as shortly after my husband’s death they had written to me informing me of one of his pensions which I knew nothing about. I immediately wrote back to them correcting their error and giving them all the relevant facts, and I have heard nothing since.

I also sent a cheque to make up an incomplete year of National Insurance payments, as this will affect my state pension which I am due to receive next year. Again, no reply.

Further when I moved to this address, I immediately sent back an electoral registration form and only found out a year later that I was not on the electoral register, the form presumably lost in the post.

So what is going on? How can I find out if when I write a letter it disappears into the void and is not received by the addressee. Or if letters sent to me do not arrive?

Where possible I have tried to follow up letters with e-mails, however this facility is not always available, very often there is a failure to send, the e-mail is just scrambled, or there is no reply, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

Fracturing standard communications presumably to replace them with some other manipulation is just one technique.

When you do communicate with people face to face, these communications are rendered useless by stonewalling.  The method here is when you tell someone something, they smile and nod and agree, then they don’t do anything, treating the communication as if it had not occurred.  And so you get nowhere. Reasonable social interactions become impossible as all social exchange depends on cooperation.  The other party withholds cooperation. A simple example. This house has a communal washing machine. You buy tokens from the housekeeper. On several occasions when I tried to buy tokens, the housekeeper smiled, said yes and then didn’t do anything. So what am I supposed to do? Chase him? But if I do that he could claim I was harassing HIM. Very clever. An attempt to manipulate my behaviour to look as if I am the anti-social individual. The housekeeper is himself being stonewalled by the estate agents and the landlords who refuse to communicate with him, making the job of looking after the house, which should be a simple task enormously difficult.

Another situation is in process and I predict there will be a stonewalling response. The heating in the house has been off since the beginning of August. Payment for the heating is inclusive in my rent, so I am paying for a service I am not getting. The housekeeper has been doing his best to get the estate agents and/or the landlord to respond, but with no result. They are stonewalling him. It is now half way through September and the weather has turned cold and a bad winter has been predicted. No heating.

I predict when I call in to pay my rent and ask the estate agents about the heating there will be a fob off response and nothing will be done. And of course if I follow this up because they have done nothing, this will be recast as I am a complaining, trouble-making tenant.

The situation is framed so you can’t win, a manufactured double-bind, where whatever you do you are made to look as if you are in the wrong even when the entire situation had been manipulated and controlled by other people.